Hard-Core-DX.com: Independent Italian stations heard this Sunday

Independent Italian stations heard this Sunday

Monday, September 11 2017

Here is a list of Italian independent stations heard today Sept. 10th in
Forli, Italy.

Daytime (0930 UTC):

828 Radio Z-100 Milan (Milano), very weak
846 Challenger Radio (Villa Estense, Padova), excellent
1098 Media Radio Castellana (Castel San Pietro, Bologna), good
1206 Amica Radio Veneta (Vigonza, Padova), non stop folk music, good
1368 Radio One (somewhere in region Tuscany), weak
1476 Free Radio AM (Trieste), good
1584 Radio Studio X (Momigno, Pistoia), weak to good
1602 Baby Radio AM (Trieste), ex 1566 kHz, very weak

On 1350 kHz, I AM Radio is currently transmitting with low power (about
8 W) due to transmitter fault.

Fabrizio Magrone (Forli, Italy)
Receiver: Perseus. Antenna: 2 Wellbrook ALA-100 active loops (N-S, E-W)