Hard-Core-DX.com: Report on Radio Clube do Para 4885

Report on Radio Clube do Para 4885

Monday, September 11 2017

BRAZIL. Radio Clube do Para, 4885, Belem, in Portuguese, is and has been a easy regular DX daily catch in South Central, Pa., and other SW DXers in Pennsylvania report it frequently.

With the change over in seasons from Sumner to Fall, the reception quality always has increased during the past years I've listened for them. It is one of the Tropical Band stations you can always depend on DXing and hearing at a Poor-Fair level in the Summer to Fair-Good in the Fall, Winter and Spring without fail.

It's been reported daily, weekly, and monthly in SW blogs as a normal catch. I'm sure if you contacted the station via their web page and asked them about transmitter upgrades they would be more than glad to reply. That way suppositions would not be needed to be posted without firm evidence.

John Cooper
Lebanon, Pa

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