Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser logs November 3-4, 2017

Glenn Hauser logs November 3-4, 2017

Saturday, November 04 2017



Hi Glenn, NOTE: Increasingly, information about programmes (mostly) and schedules (occasionally) will be found on radio station Facebook pages. I have therefore added with this update links to such pages.

1) Major update to add links to station and programme facebook pages.
2) ~Aggregator - WRN: Added link to new WRN/Babcock pages
3) Belarus - R Belarus: Updated links
4) UK - BBC WS: Updated link to 6 monthly programme schedules (although as of 4 November, these still show A-17 schedules)
Best wishes and 73, (Alan Roe, Nov 4)

Note: this does not imply endorsement of Facebook by gh (gh)

** ANGUILLA. 6090, Nov 3 at 2256, CB is still off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 9666.40, Nov 3 at 2349, Portuguese poor, so Voz MissionÃria has varied even higher. BUT, a few hours later, Nov 4 at 0529, it`s way down to 9664.077v and can be heard varying, vs weaker het from a 9665.00 station, maybe African language, when HFCC doesn`t show anything since 0430-0500 RFI Swahili via Madagascar (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 9805, Nov 4 at 1328, wall-of-noise jamming against nothing, as the stupid DentroCuban Jamming Command keeps on it, despite R. Martà having used 9805 only in A-17 and only at 1000-1300 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EGYPT. 9480+, Nov 4 at 0538, centered slightly on hi side but with no precise carrier, heavy buzzroar and very distorted talk, worthy of Cairo, I think, and in fact it is, per HFCC: 0400-0600, 250 kW, 166 degrees from Abis in Swahili (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ETHIOPIA [and non]. Re this: ``GERMANY. 15780-15785-15790, Oct 29 at 1814, DRM noise, presumed Romania or some major station, but the only thing B-17 HFCC listed on 15785 is 100-watt non-direxional BIX FNA in ERL, i.e. as in NDXC/Aoki A-17, bit eXpress, Erlangen, 24 hours. I never expected to hear it and for once wish I had DRM reception. Is it really 24 hours? I give up trying to find it in WRTH --- no major heading under Germany in International Section. It could be buried somewhere in the 14 pages of state-by-state FM National listings. And EiBi, based in Germany, does not even list it at all! (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1902, DX LISTENING DIGEST)``

Kai Ludwig, Germany, replied: ``Good luck in finding out. Bit express itself no longer exists, as announced at

The new Funklust project focusses on content, no word about such technical experiments there (not that I find anything wrong with that).

The transmitter itself should be in the responsibility of Fraunhofer IIS. Again: No word about it at

The only remaining mention is on this page, last updated 2016 if not earlier:

Sorry, but I leave anything else to others`` (WORLD OF RADIO 1902)

Then Eike Bierwirth replied Nov 2:

``Glenn, since A-17 lists VoA in Amharic on 15785 at 1800-1900 UTC, I bet you heard the Ethiopian Jamming Command, whether or not VoA was still on A-17 or already on B-17 operation on October 29.

Btw, just a few days before your 15785 log, you posted a link to the
British DX Club visiting Woofferton. Two of the photos showed an actual transmission schedule, including said 15785. Several items on the schedule are elsewhere listed as Dhabayya/UAE, so it seems to include the remote control of that site, too (BH = Dhabayya?? OFF = Woofferton?? this would almost, but not quite, match the usual A-17 schedules, but Babcock sites are known to be switched on short notice, since some of that leaks into HFCC).

Screenshot from Woofferton's control room vs A-17 schedule:

13/10/2017 10:46:04
STAT FREQ MODE NEXT [Matching A-17 transmissions]
BH 17845 AM 11:29:30 [Radio ERGO 1200-1300 17845 DHA]
OFF 9620 AM 17:29:30 [Afia Darfur 1800-1830 9620 WOF]
BH 17680 AM 12:30:00 [TWR 1300-1315 17680 DHA]
BH 11775 AM 14:44:30 [NHK 1515-1600 11775 DHA]
BH 15255 AMC 13:49:30 [Radio Liberty 1400-1600 15255 WOF]
BH 17870 AMC 13:49:30 [VoA 1400-1500 17870 WOF]
OFF 15785 AM 17:49:30 [VoA 1800-1900 15785 WOF]
BH 12005 AMC 12:49:30 [Radio Farda 1300-1800 12005 WOF]
OFF 0 AM 17:19:30 15630 [VoA 1730-1800 15630 WOF]
AUX 9760 DRM 10:50:00 [NHK DRM 1100-1130 Fridays 9760 WOF]``

To which I replied, ``Eike, Excellent, detective work! Tnx, Glenn``

Dave Kenny, BDXC-UK replied: ``Well spotted, Eike; On the day we visited Woofferton, 13th October, they were indeed transmitting the Dhabayya frequencies from the UK, because of a problem at Dhabayya. I believe it was due to be the last day of Dhabbaya being covered from Woofferton, although it might have continued for longer. 73 Dave Kenny

** GERMANY. 12004.908, Nov 4 at 1314, JBA carrier way off-frequency with trace of modulation, HFCC shown as IBB Biblis, 0630-1800, 100 kW, 105 degrees in Farsi, i.e. Radio Farda (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 9575, Nov 4 at 1334, weak signal with YL talk; just as I am listening closer to tell if it`s English, it goes off by 1335*. HFCC shows AIR Bod/Tibetan via Bengaluru until 1330; thus I suspect AIR failed to turn off this transmitter in time and proceeded with the GOS in English which should have been on 9690, unchecked. The Tibetan service also had to be jammed by the ChiCom, but normally with CNR1 in Chinese, or Firedrake, not CRI in English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NORTH AMERICA. 6945-USB, Nov 3 at 2300, pirate rock music; 2337 usual canned YL ID as Clever Name Radio, rap. Many more logs of:

** PERU. 5980, Nov 3 at 2332, R. Chaski, JBA carrier amid resumed RRI DRM, until autocutoff at 2334:18.5*, which is 20.5 seconds later than last catch a tri-nite ago, Oct 31 until 2333:58*, averaging 6.83 seconds later per.

A smoother average, compared to first log of current cycle, which was Oct 1 until 2330:31* --- 33 days ago and 227.5 seconds earlier = 6.894 seconds each, rather than the ~6.72 I was expecting. Perhaps the slippage rate is itself slipping (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PHILIPPINES. 9879, Nov 4 at 1322 W&M conversing in Korean, seems like VOA, but horrible modulation and carrier extremely broken up, audible on the LSB, not USB side of this approx. frequency. At 1329 // 9800 and a matching spur on 9721 to its USB, not LSB. Fundamental 9800 is itself in good condition; 1300-1500, 250 kW, 21 degrees from Tinang.

None of them audible, but listed victims during this bihour on 9880 are RRI, CRI and KBS; on 9720 BSKSA maybe, DW via UAE, and from 1430 IBB itself, Khmer via Tinian.

1447 recheck, 9879 much weaker, 9800 with music, but 9720 with something else talking, presumably Tinian as above (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ROMANIA. 5980, Nov 3 at 2257, open AM carrier from RRI, but no IS playing until 2259 cut to DRM noise! So after one day of AM during this hour, Nov 2, it`s back to unlisted DRM, and reaudiblizing the Chaski carrier, see PERU (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. 9955, Nov 4 at 0524, WRMIBS, in case we are not clear about The Overcomer`s position: ``100% for Trump, since God put him there to bring America down``. Gee, tnx. Would this qualify as treasonous talk? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1902 monitoring: confirmed Fri Nov 3 after 2330 on WBCQ, 9331.40-CUSB, fair S9-S8. Not confirmed Sat Nov 4 at 1550 check the retimed 1531 on Hamburger Lokalradio, 7265-CUSB via UTwente --- instead, S Asian music fair signal as expected from CRI Hindi, 100 kW, 174 degrees from Kashgar, East Turkistan yet dominating the frequency in W Europe; really can`t hear any trace of me underneath, but probably fruitlessly on. Next:
Sat 1930v WA0RCR 1860-AM ND
Sat 2130 WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW
Sat 2300 WRMI 11580 to NE
Sun 0200 WRMI 11580 to NE
Sun 0315v WA0RCR 1860-AM ND
Sun 1130 HLR 9485-CUSB to WSW

[un-DST time shifts start here:]

Mon 0030 WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW
Mon 0400v WBCQ 5130v Area 51 to WSW
Mon 0430 WRMI 9955 to SSE
Tue 0030 WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW
Tue 0030 WRMI 7730 to WNW
Tue 2030 WRMI 11580 to NE, 9455 to WNW, 7780?? to NE [see next]

** U S A. 7780, Fri Nov 3 at 2000 and 2040 chex, this WRMI is BS // 11825, not // 11580 & 9455, as Harold Frodge had reported WOR Oct 31 after 2030 on 7780, thus implying // those two. Maybe it was an anomaly (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9395, Sat Nov 4 at 1357, WRMI with floating VOA News relay, 1359 ID and back to Oldies. Probably same on 9455, 7780 which were // earlier, on weekends defaulting to Oldies with no Power Hours (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 3264.837, Fri Nov 3 at 2303, open carrier at S5-S6. Must be WBCQ warming up for tonight`s `Allan Weiner Worldwide` an hour later --- but it`s NOT on at 2340 and 2356, nor from 0000 UT Nov 4, just 7490.02v-AM; and 5130.35v-AM, already on at 2357 Nov 3 with Planet IS & ID runup. In his opening, AW says he decided not to bother with `Free Speech is Alive on 32-65`` tonight. Initial rant, soon joined by a caller, is about people`s careers being ruined by accusations of sexual improprieties decades ago, without any due process, i.e. we`re getting communistic (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9830, Nov 4 at 0525, VG with gospel huxter in English. B-17 HFCC shows WHRI now registered here daily at 0430-0600 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 12065, Nov 4 circa 1320, WEWN English is again here, strong, but not very strong today. Supposed to last until 1500, but 1452 recheck it`s off, and dead air carrier already on 15610, S9+10 with sporadic-E boost, like WWCR 15825 strengthened to S9+30. 5810 WEWN Spanish is still on. By 1501, 15610 is still dead air. These strong 15 MHz signals do correlate with sporadic E MUF reaching even the 50+ MHz hamband this morning across eastern half of US (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 91.7, Nov 4 at 1400 UT, KOSU with `Freakonomics`, all about the worldwide multiplicity of ~7000 languages. Recommended:

``Why Donât We All Speak the Same Language? (Earth 2.0 Series)
November 2, 2017 @ 6:00pm by Freakonomics

Download Episode Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Listen now:
(Photo: Paul Stevenson/Flickr)

Season 7, Episode 9

This week on Freakonomics Radio: there are 7,000 languages spoken on Earth. What are the costs â and benefits â of our modern-day Tower of Babel? Plus: the search for a common language goes back millennia, but so much still gets lost in translation. Stephen J. Dubner asks, "Will technology finally solve that?"

To find out more, check out the podcasts from which this hour was drawn: "Why Donât We All Speak the Same Language? (Earth 2.0 Series)" and "What Would Be the Best Universal Language? (Earth 2.0 Series)."

You can subscribe to the Freakonomics Radio podcast at Apple Podcasts or elsewhere, or get the RSS feed``

Following episode next week will be more about Esperanto (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report despatched at 1716 UT November 4