Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser log November 17, 2017 - Biafra

Glenn Hauser log November 17, 2017 - Biafra

Saturday, November 18 2017

** BIAFRA [non]. 11530, Nov 17 at *1857, WRMI cuts on with IS & ID prÃlude as also heard on some other frequencies before hourtop openings, VG averaging S8, not even needing external antenna on the PL-880. (Again this is quite stronger than the nearby WRMIBS 11580.)

That allows me to run the NRD on 9520-9530, the additional frequency I heard on part of the announcements during the 05-06 UT broadcast on 11530 WRMI, and 7240 France. BUT nothing on either; there is a VP carrier on 9540, could that be it? But goes off at 1901* --- that would be Egypt in Italian per HFCC, so it`s also probably under/non-modulated.

The 11530 programming by ``Radio Biafra, broadcasting from London`` is much like the other days with repetitions of the schedule every few minutes, along with some nice African music, but less in the way of significant programming. A bit of music first, sked announcement by YL without the 9 MHz frequency. At 1904 the YL & OM in language, Igbo? About the imminent elexion Nov 18 in Anambra state, ``where to vote``.

There is not a Biafra state in today`s Nigeria; there have been several changes in states and boundaries since independence. Current maps show Anambra in south central Nigeria, adjacent to Enugu state, whose city I believe was the capital of Biafra. At 1909, ``important announcement`` by OM in English with too-heavy accent, go out and vote on Saturday; and remember, we are not violent.

At 1910 he does the schedule announcement for the first time during this broadcast, and the extra one is clearly 9-5-8-0. Address radiobiafra@gmail.com and also refs to FB and Twitter.

I immediately go to 9580 on the other receiver, but it`s a JBA carrier at first, S1-S2, trace of modulation, and even ECSS will not stay locked on it. Site is certainly not WRMI, and if it`s France, no comparison to another European, such as Spain good on 9690 but which is beamed USward.

Back on 11530, at 1915 the YL ID in Igbo, but pronounces the numbers in English (don`t they have number names in Igbo??), without 9580. 1917 OM mentions IPOB in Igbo. Now comparing, I think maybe barely audible 9580 is // but running maybe half a minute behind.

At 1924 the ``9580`` announcement again, and enough for me as it`s time for lunch and the programming is getting very repetitive. However, first I program 11530 into the caradio for convenient monitoring there (and 11735 Zanzibar while I`m at it. I guess it still has 9580 memorized for ex-Australia.)

9580 is in fact a WRMI registered frequency in A-17 and still B-17, but never used, despite my suggestion that WRMI should relay RA whether ABC like it or not; but obviously chosen in tribute to defunct Radio Australia during exactly the same hours it had run, 09-21 UT. Maybe that`s why RMI chose it as available for this via some other site. But most of its business is with Issoudun.

Also HFCC-registered on 9580 are two Sa`udis in Arabic: 17-22 50 kW ND from Jeddah; and 18-23 500 kW, 270 degrees from Riyadh. If either of those be real, bad for Biafra, but hardly any signal over here. The more realistic EiBi sked does not show Saudis on 9580 at all, nor anything else during this hour. Aoki/NDXC however goes with Jeddah.

What about this, from WRMI website itself? The Programming page does not include the word Biafra anywhere on it, tho still displays long-defunct shows such as Informativo G24. Nothing new on WRMI FB either. The WRMI skedgrid http://www.tinyurl.com/WRMIfqs still is blank during both hours for transmitters 3 and 10 which are labeled 11530, nor any other transmitter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 0421 UT November 18