Hard-Core-DX.com: RHC Nov 27

RHC Nov 27

Monday, November 27 2017

CUBA Prof. Arnaldo Coro's "DXers Unlimited" program in English,
Sun in NoAm, Mon in UTC, noted start early at 0603 UT on Nov 27,
instead of previous 0609 UT start time. DX px last til 0715 UT.
Followed by RHC Maibag program on Sundays.

6000 kHz via 250 kW Quivican San Felipe TITAN site, low modulated and
distorted audio quality. S=9+25dB and -49dBm.
Culture report at 0656 UT. Election Day in Cuba soon, after Fidel.

6060 kHz Bauta site outlet S=9-15dB or -64dBm, best understandable
modulation {of four 49mb outlets} in Europe,
NJ-US east coast and Michigan US-state. My tune as usual on this channel:
switch to upperband side, due of Brazilian bad 1170 Hertz BUZZ heterodyne
interference signal from odd 6059.832 kHz frequency.

6100 kHz most lowest modulation level. S=9 or -70dBm.

6165 kHz strong powerful signal at 0659 UT S=9+25dB or -54dBm
in NJ and MI-US states remote SDR.
Despite of power, suffer by 9x BUZZ strongest string signals,

on distance apart from carrier:
60, 120, 240, 360 ... 840, 960 Hertz visible both sides on screen.
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 27)

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