Hard-Core-DX.com: Updating FM info Central America, Caribbean, Mexico

Updating FM info Central America, Caribbean, Mexico

Thursday, November 30 2017

Hello Mr. Hauser,

As the publisher and editor of World of Radio, would it be possible to enlist your assistance?

I know that you are aware that I am the editor for the Latin America and Caribbean FM entries in the Worldwide TV FM DX Association's FM database....

The editing responsibilities include every LICENSED facility that broadcasts on the FM dial in MÃxico, Central America, and the Caribbean islands. By nature, I am a researcher, I am detail oriented, and I am something of a perfectionist. I expect perfection from myself with the entries which I enter in the WTFDA FM database.

Is it possible to get your assistance in connecting with radio enthusiasts in those areas mentioned? I especially would like to connect with radio enthusiasts that have the ability to tune the FM radio band in their region, to collect current broadcasting information and findings, and then email that information to me. The primary goal is to collect up to date information on station names, formats & programming, if a station is broadcasting in mono or stereo, and if they are using an HD signal, or perhaps the station is off the air. If the person collecting information also has the ability to monitor for the use of RDS, that information would be great!

My vision of this is to have radio enthusiasts in various areas (i.e. Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, etc) that I can depend on to check on the status of certain stations or perhaps conduct a periodic band scan and report any changes to me, which would be recorded in the WTFDA FM database. Raymie Humbert is doing an excellent job in helping the WTFDA keep the Mexican FM listings up to date.

For anyone that would like to volunteer to assist, they can contact me at
The volunteer does not necessarily have to have all of those abilities mentioned previously at their disposal. The importance of this mission is to find radio enthusiasts that would like to help out in the long term.

Jim Thomas
Worldwide TV FM DX Association

(via Glenn Hauser)
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