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TV tuner for PC?

Wednesday, December 06 2017

Iâve never done tv DXing before but with my height advantage here, I want
to try it.

I have no idea whatâs good and whatâs not, but I know thereâs crap out
there and you get what you pay for.

I have a Win XP laptop Iâm not using I can Dedicate to this.

Iâd like to stick to something I can buy on Amazon, and keep it under $ 150
if possible.

Can someone offer some suggestions?

And if I need some capture software, can someone recommend sone that will
record off the tuner? Iâm willing to, again, spend a decent amount of money
for this.... maybe $ 50? Just basic recording and maybe basic editing.

Remember, totally new and clueless to this.

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