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TV tuner for PC?

Thursday, December 07 2017

And the VHF low band old channels 2 thru 6 in usa has largely been given over to wireless services. The few digital stations assigned are low power ones. Low band analog still exists to a limited degree in Canada and is still used in Cuba and Latin America outside now all digital Mexico. To make a long story short you can still get tropo on VHF high band and UHF but the E skip happy hunting ground low band VHF has many fewer stations to chase.

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> Iâve never done tv DXing before but with my height advantage here, I want to
> try it.
> Remember, totally new and clueless to this.

Things have changed. You need a TV tuner device that can receive HD TV
signals. There is no more analog TV over the airwaves in Canada or the US.

I can't suggest what device(s) you could buy as I haven't looked in to this.
I still have an old analog tuner card to record programs from video tapes.



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