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Sony XDRS10HPiP radio

Thursday, December 07 2017

Hi everyone,

Today I went to Goodwill and I found in very good shape, a Sony XDRS10HDiP HD Radio. I plugged it in and it came on and seemed to work. No price on it, so I asked. The clerk said "How about $ 4.99, but the radio is "as is", no returns. I even got my 10% Senior Citizen discount, so it was $ 4.49!!! Got it home, hooked up the FM Yagi and it works perfectly. I got several FM stations in HD including KJR FM Seattle. It even has a connection on the top for an Ipod. I tried the Ipod connection and it works too. This radio has two front speakers with Surround Sound and sounds great! The signal is even a hair better than on my XDR-F1 HD. That is the 3rd good deal I have found of late at Goodwill. This was the best of the bunch. First I found a Turntable/cassette/CD recorder for $ 20. Then I found a wifi radio for $ 15. All three work fine too. On the XDRS10HPiP radio, I have not tried the AM at yet. My XDR-F1 HD gets KSL in HD at times at night. I presume this one will too. Depending on the noise level. I am really pleased with this!

Patrick Martin Seaside OR KGED QSL Manager