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Sony XDRS10HPiP radio

Thursday, December 07 2017

I have found a lot of bargains at local Goodwill's. Often the 'Off the path" ones are better with good finds. I have found the Tillamook, Lincoln City, and Scappoose Goodwill's better that Portland. The smaller cities offer better prices where in the bigger cities are more expensive. It is just "hit and miss" Sometimes there are goodies and other times nothing too exciting. Lots of older clock radios, DVD players, TV's, even some car radios with cassette tapes. Amps, you name it. My friend Carey go often when traveling around the NW. He looks for old movies on DVD. I look at the electronics. We plan a trip next Summer down the coast, over to the Valley and back up. We should be able to hit about 8 Goodwill's. Fun stuff.


Patrick Martin Seaside OR KGED QSL Manager