Hard-Core-DX.com: short morning log, Dec 11, 0250-0430 UT

short morning log, Dec 11, 0250-0430 UT

Monday, December 11 2017

detailed report will follow later our morning then.
Heard in remote SDR's, at FL-US, NJ-US, MI-US east coast stations,
Alberta-CAN and southern Germany too.

Great Latin American music culture progrs heard on 4765, 5025, 5910.273,
6000, 6165, and 6185.015 kHz.

But CODAR signals noted, suffered 4733 - 4836 kHz all over 60 mb.

STANAG digital scratch 4810.5 - 4813.5 kHz.

In east coast NoAM heard for the first time like local BUBBLE tone jamming
ahead of R Progreso from Bejucal, in broad range 4760.8 to 4768.8 kHz.

UNID Brazilian? string on 4862.439 kHz.
But real on 4885.022, 4985.010, 5939.777, 6040.684 kHz.

4949.729 AGL in southern summer only S=6 weak signal at 0320 UT.

5910.273 CLM Alcavaran Radio, talk.

5970 new EWTN WEWN Spanish powerhouse, S=9+45dB in Alberta.

6154.992 AFS Channel Africa, En from SenTec Meyerton, 0346 UT.

6185.015 XEPPM Mexico D.F. romantic mx 0350 UT

7140 empty nothing on air from Asmara ERI.
7181.552 ERI Asmara, and accompanied by ETH Gedja jamming 7168 to 7191.2kHz.

7234.061 ... unstable x.084 kHz at 0419 UT, S=9+5dB in southern Germany.
Voice of Eritrea program from Gedja site in ETH, daily 0400-0430 UT or
longer to 0500 UT, need more monitoring.

7355 Cuban scratching jammer against US IBB BBG Marti px, 8 kHz wide,
S=9+10db here in Germany at 0422 UT Dec 11.

7381.010 still the Zahedan transmitter, frequency faulty wandering procedure
at 0424 UT, 20 to 30 Hertz unstable, IRIB Arabic also on nearby 7370.004
kHz from Sirjan site.

7519.998 Radyoya Denge Kurdistan px, from Gavar Armenia site, only S=7 here
in Germany at 0430 UT Dec 11.

73 wb

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