Hard-Core-DX.com: 18-19 Loggings

18-19 Loggings

Tuesday, December 19 2017

1710 UNID. Pirate?? T/in at 2246 âNever Gonna Let You Goâ by
Dionne Warwick, 2248 âYakety Saxâ by Boots Randolph, 2251 âTogether
Foreverâ by Rick Astley, 2253 âWhen I Fall in Loveâ Natalie and Nat King
Cole, and 2258 â525,600 Minutesâ by Tuks. Lost at 2259 and didnât
return. No anmnts. Brett Saylor said he brought up the webstream for
the Louisiana Pirate R. Reten lo que Tiene and they had preaching. So
this is someone new. (Valko 17 Dec.)

6924.97 PIRATE (NA) Partial India R. Holiday program 1938-2026+
w/âThe Indian 12 Days of Christmasâ, canned IDs by Mrs. Krishna. E-mail
QSL request anmnt as haroldkrishnaPIR@gmail.com. Played The Beatles
âChristmastime is Here Againâ song/comedy recording. Also had sitar
versions of Christmas songs. Fair signal and a bit fady. (Valko 18

6045 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) V.O. Freedom 2112 getting
some mx here at this time. Flute song at 2119 plainly audible. Then
song by what sounded like Stevie Wonder at 2122. Went over BoH w/mx. W
anncr in KR mixed w/instru. mx 2156-2159. Mx leading up to ToH. M and
W w/short anmnt, peppy mx, then tlk by M anncr maybe nx. Wiped out by
6040 WHRI. Also hrd on a web rx in South Korea, jammed w/pulsing noise,
but no jamming detected here. (Valko 18 Dec.)

6600 CLANDESTINE V.O. the People 2209 jammer went off,
then hrd M in KR. 2216 instru. mx bridge, then next segment by W to
BoH. M after 2230. Jammer returned at 2240. Havenât hrd this w/out
the jammer in a while. Peaked nicely around 2215-2220. The white noise
jammer here and on 6520, 6350, and 6015 all went off at the exact same
time. Unfortunately thereâs some lcl noise on 6350. (Valko 18 Dec.)

6400 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang BS, Kanggye Big signal
w/orch./opera mx pgm from 2208-2229. Studio W anncr in KR once or
twice. Dear air briefly at 2229, same W anncr, 3+1 higher pitched time
ticks, then alternating M and W anncrs at 2230-2243+. Very strong
around 2225 peak, but faded very quickly after 2235. Abt the best ever
hrd at this time. (Valko 18 Dec.)

4450 CLANDESTINE V.O. the People Didnât appear to be jammed
at 2211 when M anncr hrd very weakly. Signal strong enough, just not
that much audio punch. (Valko 18 Dec.)

e-QSL received in quick time from Partial India R. for todays reception.
Total time, 3 hours 41 minutes. (Valko 18 Dec.)

6160.03 BRAZIL Super R. Boa Vontade W anncr in PT at 0904 t/in,
then rel. song at 0906-0911. Fading too quickly. Could still hear the
studio W return at 0911, also noted on a Brazilian web rx where she
ended w/ment of Sao Paulo. Brief mx, then M anncr w/cadence matching
that on the web rx w/Super R. Boa Vontade ID w/freq and QTH.
Unfortunately there was a lcl static-like noise burst a couple times
over ID here, but did catch the Puerto Alegre QTH. Have noted this a
couple times now, but it fades very quickly upon 0900 s/on. Best on the
Delta loop. (Valko 19 Dec.)

9839.81 VIETNAM V.O.V. Signal suddenly on at 0959 w/orch. mx
already playing. 1000 usual instru. mx and EG IDs by W and M. Opening
w/W anncr. Mx briefly and nx headlines and in detail by W. Peppy
Caribbean-flavored instru. mx at 1009 recheck, then same W anncr, and
into lcl traditional mx. 25mb outlet much too weak to //. (Valko 19

Perseus SDR and Wellbrook ALA1530S and 150 foot Delta loop.


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA USA
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