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Kona, Hawaii Ultralight DXpedition-- North Korean Stations

Saturday, December 23 2017

Not that I care for NK but the signals are mind blowing! Thanks for sharing
this! How was 972?

Todd Skaine

On Dec 23, 2017 4:31 AM, "Gary DeBock" <d1028gary@comcast.net> wrote:

> The 5-day trip to warm and (usually) sunny Kona, Hawaii has wrapped up,
> and now I've returned with a huge number of obscure TP-DX recordings made
> with a 5 inch (127mm) TSA-friendly FSL antenna (also known as the "Frequent
> Flyer" model). This antenna was specifically designed to pass quickly and
> easily through airports, and provide gain roughly similar to that of a 4
> foot (1.3m) air core box loop.
> December propagation in Kona was a stark change from what was observed
> during a 4-day trip to Kona with identical gear in April. In April the
> Pacific island DU's on 540, 558, 621, 1017, 1098 and 1440 had no Asian
> competition from 0700-1030 UTC, and could pound in at awesome strength all
> alone on their frequencies during those hours. By contrast, during this
> week's Hawaii trip the Asian TP's started pestering the Pacific island DU's
> as early as 0730, and usually drowned most of them out by 0830. The only
> exceptions were the new 846-Kiribati from Christmas Island, its
> 1440-Kiribati parallel (although with a 19-second delay between the two,
> with Christmas Island lagging), and 1098-Marshalls. Overwhelming signals
> from Japan, North Korean and China were usually all over the band by 0900
> UTC, with the second-tier Asians sounding like big gun TP's do on the west
> coast. The 5 inch FSL did a great job in providing gain to record many
> exotic MP3's at good levels, but the "side effect"
> was piling up a huge number of obscure TP recordings (including wild TP
> snarls), and the necessity to "record first, and report later."
> In an attempt to provide some organization to the wild process I decided
> to initially report TP-DX according to the countries of origin, and post
> links for some of the more memorable recordings from each area. Once the
> dust has settled a more detailed (frequency-by-frequency) report should be
> in order. The group of MP3's chosen for this first report were all recorded
> from North Korea, a bizarre country with even more bizarre programming.
> Other N.K. stations were received in TP snarls, but these were generally
> all alone. They include an S7 recording of Pyongyang's Japanese service on
> 621 (with degraded audio from the transmitter), a transmitter on 801 with a
> Southern Jammer (sounding like the old 1053 beehive) and an 819 transmitter
> loud enough to wake up the dead. A curious point was that the usual west
> coast big gun on 657 was never received-- a victim of loud Hawaiian
> splatter from 650 and 670.
> 621 Pyongyang BS (V.O.K.) Chongjin, N.K. Voice of Korea Japanese
> service at a strong level, complete with a buzzing transmitter. This was
> one of three Asian TP's (including China and NHK1) that would usually run
> Tuvalu off the rails around 0900 https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/
> rhfksf381csgtohluxt3e97tjf79fshm
> Japanese female ID and typical music at 0928
> https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/v7q9eniu9qq1f27rbq97v4c9zbni2eha
> 801 Pyongyang BS Kimchaek, N.K. This station was a moderate-strength
> regular, and had an intermittent Beehive-type jammer from the South
> https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/e4kr0asg24d1ujyk74zztcbdl8aepazh
> Jammer and Pyongyang at equal anemic strength
> https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/2fgnifuus86pd0n9qzsatzps56hk43kb
> 819 Pyongyang BS Pyongyang, N.K. Far and away the strongest N.K.
> station in Kona, this signal would pound in around 0830 and vary from S7 to
> S9+ right up until 1030. Bizarre vocal music from a female group was at
> legendary strength at 0935 on 12-19 https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/
> gj2deffl7mjuzqr5tocsro100sfhqll9
> Typical music and 3+1 time pips at the North Korean "TOH" of 0930 on 12-20
> https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/v7q9eniu9qq1f27rbq97v4c9zbni2eha
> 855 Pyongyang BS Sangwon, N.K. Those who remember the tirade lady on
> 657 will recognize the voice in this recording. This station was always
> around during good TP propagation, but never at overwhelming strength
> https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/34r4oayh63kxxigc6hisu3t5bfhz1yeb
> 73 and Good DX,
> Gary DeBock (DXing in Kona, Hawaii)
> 7.5 inch CC Skywave +
> 5 inch "Frequent Flyer" FSL antenna
> (Demo video posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRaOnWS-5Ig&t=78s
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRaOnWS-5Ig&t=78s )
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