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TP Streaming Audio Links

Sunday, December 24 2017

For those of you who often listen to the TP signals from East Asia, I have compiled a list of links if you guys ever need to confirm audio reception via Internet streams. Naturally, not all of the stations have streams, though most do. The more serious problem with this is that many are geographically restricted. Japanese stations use the Radiko service that came into being some years back as a way to restrict all Japanese station audio to Japanese residents only. If you want to listen to any of them without a VPN (if that even works), youâre out of luck. NHK doesn't use it, but it appears to be restricted in its own way along with many Korean station audio. Sometimes, it also depends on browsers and add-ons though.

Either way, here is my current list I typed up:


Anyone who has stations or networks they frequently hear that are not in this list and you'd like it to be, send a message along and I'll see what I can do. Some are left off for lack of streaming options or that a network has moved all their content to an app and deleted their website (Liaoning, for example).

-Chris Kadlec