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TP Streaming Audio Links

Sunday, December 24 2017

Thanks, Chris, for a very valuable resource. Any chance it could be
incorporated into PAL and MWList? 73, Walt

On Saturday, December 23, 2017, Chris Kadlec <beaglebass@beaglebass.com>

> For those of you who often listen to the TP signals from East Asia, I have
> compiled a list of links if you guys ever need to confirm audio reception
> via Internet streams. Naturally, not all of the stations have streams,
> though most do. The more serious problem with this is that many are
> geographically restricted. Japanese stations use the Radiko service that
> came into being some years back as a way to restrict all Japanese station
> audio to Japanese residents only. If you want to listen to any of them
> without a VPN (if that even works), youâre out of luck. NHK doesn't use it,
> but it appears to be restricted in its own way along with many Korean
> station audio. Sometimes, it also depends on browsers and add-ons though.
> Either way, here is my current list I typed up:
> http://www.beaglebass.com/dx/seoul/streaming.pdf
> Anyone who has stations or networks they frequently hear that are not in
> this list and you'd like it to be, send a message along and I'll see what I
> can do. Some are left off for lack of streaming options or that a network
> has moved all their content to an app and deleted their website (Liaoning,
> for example).
> -Chris Kadlec
> http://www.beaglebass.com/dx/seoul/
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