Hard-Core-DX.com: S. AZ TPs December 24--correction

S. AZ TPs December 24--correction

Sunday, December 24 2017

I forgot to add the two other high band signals heard this morning on
1575 and 1593.

On 12/24/2017 8:30 AM, Steve Ratzlaff wrote:

Low band had one signal 774 Japan before sunrise; after sunrise it was
a total shift to high band lasting about 30 minutes. Sunrise 1422 utc.

774 Japan 1411 utc very poor talk and music; not heard again

1314Â Japan 1420 utc very poor female talk

1413 Japan? 1426 utc very poor male talk

1566 S Korea 1413 utc very poor hymn Silent Night; 1430 utc very
poor/poor talk; 1443 utc last heard

ÂÂÂÂ 1573 VOA assumed 1431 utc very poor vocal music
ÂÂÂÂ 1593 China assumed 1433 utc very poor talk

Steve AA7U

near Sahuarita, AZ

R75; west DKAZ + FLG100 preamp

Merry Christmas!