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Ralph Sanserino loop preamps

Sunday, December 24 2017


Ralph Sanserino while he was still with us, made and sold a preamp to go
with his loop antennas.ÂÂÂ I seem to recall the radio / preamp hooked to
the loop differently then the radio without the preamp. Without the
preamp each end of the loop was conected to each end of a variable cap.Â
Then one single loop went around the outside of 12 turn loop and each
end of it connected to a cable going to the radio.

With the preamp I seem to remember you did not use the single loop on
the outside of the larger 12 turn loop, but I cannot remember how the
preamp / radio got connected to the loop.ÂÂ If any one has one of these
and / or remembers how the preamp connect to the loop and the radio
please contact me off list and let me know.



Stephen Hawkins NG0G
73 49 111 01001001