Hard-Core-DX.com: S. AZ TPs December 25

S. AZ TPs December 25

Monday, December 25 2017

Right after sunrise 774 Japan had a nice fadeup for several minutes.
Sunrise 1423 utc.

774 Japan 1427 utc several minutes of poor (AM sync det) level with EE
lessons, "we may be able to accommodate your request" and variations of
"we may be able to ...." with female reading the EE and male in foreign
language. Faded away after that and not heard again.

1566 S Korea HLAZ 1433 utc brief fadeup for 2 minutes with male talking,
very poor/poor. Last heard 1440 utc.

Steve AA7U

near Sahuarita, AZ

R75; west DKAZ + FLG100 preamp

Merry Christmas!