Hard-Core-DX.com: 621-Tuvalu and 1440-Kiribati Sign Off Routine MP3's

621-Tuvalu and 1440-Kiribati Sign Off Routine MP3's

Tuesday, December 26 2017

Here are two Pacific island sign off MP3's from the recent Kona, Hawaii DXpedition. Because of overwhelming Asian propagation around 1000 UTC in December, both of these stations usually had TP co-channels to deal with as they signed off (unlike in April). 621-Tuvalu started having a distorted audio signal on December 18th, and the problem continued until I left Hawaii on December 21. Their sign off routine MP3 reflects this distorted signal, which seemed to get progressively worse. By December 20th it was a fine match for the buzzing signal from its co-channel 621-Pyongyang. The 621-Tuvalu sign off is still around 1006 UTC, although the December propagation brought in QRM from China at that time. Fortunately, Tuvalu sends China down into the noise during the sign off routine MP3. This is the 621-Tuvalu sign off on December 18th


1440-Kiribati is parallel with the new 846-Kiribati on Christmas Island, although there is a 19-second time delay between the signal of 1440 and 846 (846 programming is 19 seconds later). 846-Kiribati also has a transmitter issue, with the signal dropping out at irregular times. The sign off time of 1440-Kiribati has changed from 0936 UTC to 1006 UTC. This was the sign off of 1440-Kiribati on December 19th, with QRM from JOWF. There is still a loud 1000 Hz tone before the Kiribati power is cut, making the signal easy to hear through the JOWF QRM


With the notable exception of the new 846-Kiribati and 1098-Marshalls, the Pacific island DU's generally got hammered by Asian QRM from 0800-1100 UTC every night, with few of them surviving the onslaught. 621-Tuvalu had three different Asian co-channels at times (Pyongyang, China and NHK1) while 1440-Kiribati was plastered by Sapporo as early as 0800. More details on the other Pacific island DU's will follow in a later report.

73 and Good DX,

Gary DeBock (DXing in Kona, Hawaii at the Royal Kona Resort Motel)

7.5 inch loopstick CC Skywave Ultralight + 5 inch "Frequent Flyer" FSL antenna

(DXing setup photo posted at https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/tapsxbn6x16pm7iotmt35v115ddoh7gt )