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Loggings 19-26 December   
Wednesday, December 27 2017

Dave et al,

Wonderful logs there from your dxpeditions. Fantastic! Would it be ok to use some of these for my MEDXR blog?

One small point..... 4KZ is in Innisfail, North Queensland and NOT in New Zealand

All the best for 2018 to all,

Rob Wagner

Sent from my iPad

> On 28 Dec 2017, at 6:58 am, Wolfgang Bueschel <BueschelWW@web.de> wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Dave Valko" <djvalko@verizon.net>Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2017
> 8:34 PM Subject: Loggings 19-26 December
> 5054.997 NEW ZEALAND 4KZ 1032 mx faintly, M anncr 1033. 1040 mx a
> little more audible. Same freq as noted yesterday for the first time.
> Couldnât really get anything more than just mx or tlk by M or W
> throughout to 1145 t/out. Very fady. Just a tad weaker than Ozy, as it
> should be as itâs half the strength (now). Conditions were too poor.
> Thanks to Rob Wagner for the first alert on this. (Valko 21 Dec.
> micro-DXpedition #1)
> YES, exact, 'me too' in past week.
> 6765.1U THAILAND Bangkok Meteorological R. 1211 end of IS and
> mechanical M w/opening ID/freq/sked anmnt in EG as âThis is Bangkok
> Meteorological R. broadcast on the freq of 6765.1 kHz and 8743.0 kHz
> fromâHeavy weather forecast ?? on Thursday the 21st of December 2017.
> Broadcast message for shippingââ. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1)
> Yes, at present at 1930 UT in Thai, at 1935 UT in English,
> schedule 6765.1 USB and times told,
> station melody, and also Thai address
> S=7-8 or -88dBm in Europe. Dec 27
> next door upwards
> 6769.450 LSB mode Mentioned some Canadian / US weather, New Foundland etc.
> and maritime radio ... in English, 1915 UT.
> 3975 GERMANY Shortwave R. 2117 Pop/Rock song, 2119 next
> song which was âThings We Do For Loveâ by 10CC. 2122 M DJ w/UK accent.
> 2127 Rod Stewart and jingle w/ID. Getting some decent peaks at 2129.
> 2130 short song anmnts, then âIf You Leave Me Nowâ by Chicago to 2135.
> Hams staying away for the most part except for 3972.5. But 2 guys came
> on right on top at 2133. 2140 M w/ment of shortwave and song anmnts.
> Pretty clear at 2141. 2142 more song anmnts, and into âSomebody to
> Loveâ by Queen. Weird that this would come in but nothing from 3995
> HCJB Weenermoor. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)
> 6160 UNID. NA Pirate?? Getting a weak signal here at 2222
> w/unrec. Rock mx. Also had it on VA web rx, and very weak signals w/out
> audio on various European web rxs, but may have been something else. In
> fact it was strongest here. Unreadable M anncr at 2227:55 sounding like
> EG. 2233:20 ment of ââon frequencies 6160 khz shortwaveââ. 2234 back
> to Rock mx sounding like a remake of âHere Come the Sunâ. 2236:50
> canned tlk in EG by M w/ment of United States, Watergate, and Vietnam,
> then audio off at 2238:14 and signal gone at 2238:31. Didnât return.
> Not a spur or image. One or two NA Pirates have been hrd around this
> freq in the past. (Valko 25 Dec.)
> ??? Could it be a special radio outlet from Shortwave Radio Winsen Aller
> Germany, at other times on 3975 kHz in 75 meterband. see above
> 73 wb
> 73 and Happy New Year to all in 2018!!
> Dave Valko
> Dunlo, PA, USA
> <6765kHz_USB_mode_Meteo_1935UT.mp3>
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