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Loggings 19-26 December   
Wednesday, December 27 2017


A lot of loggings over the Christmas holiday!!

9650 GUINEA R. Guinee Nice lcl Afro mx 1853-1859, deadair,
then canned ID at 1859:30. 1900 Afro mx briefly, live M in FR w/ID, mx
bridge, then M w/pres. nx. Nice signal but wandering band of ruined it.
(Valko 19 Dec.)

6940U PIRATE (NA) Yeti R. Just caught the last couple min. of
the bdcst. 2043 âIâm a Believerâ by The Monkeys, followed by âRuby
Tuesdayâ at 2044 and âAngieâ at 2045 by the Rolling Stones. 2046 M
anncr in heavy special effect w/anmnt âThe ??? FCC. My name is Yeti.
This is Yeti Radioâ. Couldnât ID until someone responded to my post on
HF Underground. Fairly good, clear and almost no QSB. (Valko 19 Dec.)

3325 INDONESIA RRI Palangkaraya Found too late, but sounded
like M anncr at 2315, mx at 2221. Right at threshold lvl. Faded out
just as Palangkaraya should. Very surprised to find it here and the
first time to hear an evening Indo in years. (Valko 19 Dec.)

6942U PIRATE (NA) Mr. Mayhem R. ID by M in echo at 2308 t/in.
Deadair, then repeating IDs âThis is Mr. Mayhem R.â w/pitch getting
slower. 2309 into Hard Rock mx. Tuned out at 2310. Good solid signal.
(Valko 19 Dec.)

4764.03 PERU R. Huanta 2000 2323 Pop song, 2325-2332 live studio
M DJ w/long tlk, then long ad block 2332-2340 w/abt 1000 ments of
Huanta. Phone #âs. One ad sounded like Quechua. Canned pgm intro/ID
by M including other stns in network at 2340 and into pres. regional nx
by W anncr. Fairly decent but right on the top edge of a CODAR. (Valko
19 Dec.)

6185 MEXICO R. Educacion Excellent signal at 2344
w/Ranchera mx nonstop all the way to 0001. 0001-0003 choral NA, then
nice full canned ID by W w/freqs and QTH, then back to Ranchera mx. Abt
the best ever hrd at this time. (Valko 19/20 Dec.)

20 December 2017 Micro-DXpedition

6045 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) V.O. Freedom Getting weak mx
at 2059 as 6040 VOA Sao Tome signed off. Gradually getting better
during the nonstop KR Pops, abt half of which were ballads. Exc. signal
by the time of the long anmnts by W over piano mx bed at 2155. M and W
anncr in discussion at 2209. More Pops w/same anncrs between songs.
Getting blasted by CNR and Evangelizar on 6040 by 2250. Pulsing jammer
no match for it. Tnx to Ron Howard for his continuing
monitoring/reporting of this. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

9930 USA WTWW Massive signal w/Christmas mx at 2106, then
nice canned ID by M w/ment of ââwith miles of wires, and thousands of
voltsââ. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

9100 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope Fairly strong
w/W anncr in KR at 2109, but of course mixing it up with the UTE here.
Magnificent signal like a local at 2228 w/M and W in KR w/ments of Kim
Jong. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

6600 CLANDESTINE V.O. the People Easily audible over the
jammer at 2115 w/slow Pop song, but couldnât get 6520 // as it was
covered by WLO/KLB UTE on 6519. 2120 opera mx here. 2130+ tlk by M and
W anncrs in KR. Still doing well at 2254. (Valko 20 Dec.

6350 CLANDESTINE Echo of Hope Barely audible through the
jamming and UTE at 2115 w/soft mx. W anncr in KR at 2126. W anncr
later at 2210. Signal had an echo at this time as did 6600 V.O. People.
Wonder if I was getting different paths. Back to mx at 2214. Too bad
the jammers didnât go off. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

4450 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) V.O. the People Barely able
to hear the M tlking in KR at 2151 amidst the jammer. (Valko 20 Dec.

3480 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) V.O. the People Sounded like
the same M speaking at 2152 as on 4450, but the signal was weak and
QRMed by a strong OC on 3479.6. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

3325 INDONESIA RRI Palangkaraya Signal wasnât there at
2155, so it obviously signs on at 2200. 2159 end of IS but couldnât
start the recording fast enough. Fanfare, then live studio W anncr
w/clear ID at 2200:00,diring anmnt, Pop-like mx, then canned ID anmnt at
2202:40, and live W returned. More canned anmnts at 2204 w/ment of
Indonesia, and another mentioning âprogramaâ and Palangkaraya. 2206:20
short âRRI Palangkarayaâ ID, then into ballad song. Still easily
audible at 2217 w/ballad. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

2850 NORTH KOREA KCBS Pyongyang Soft W vcl song, not really
like the usual opera-like fare at 2207. Getting some weird rapid
pulsing wideband QRM here for a time. Canât be anything lcl as I wasnât
anywhere near anything electrical. Clear at 2222 but weaker fading
signal. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

9155 CLANDESTINE (TAIWAN) Sound of Hope End of fanfare mx
at 2228, then canned anmnts by W in CH for a min., then tlk by M to 2232
t/out. //9180, similar quality signal. Weak but audible and surprised
to catch these. Would never hear them at home. (Valko 20 Dec.

7730 CLANDESTINE (TAIWAN) Sound of Hope Immediately after
leaving 9155/9180, came down to tune above the 41mb and was surprised to
find SoH here w/same M anncr in CH that was on 9155/9180, and also found
on //7810 as well!! These 2 down here were weak but audible very
similar to the ones below 31m. (Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

7570 NORTH KOREA V.O. Korea 2233-2237 just opera mx
sounding almost identical to 7580, but they werenât. This freq slightly
QRMed. Hear 7580 often, but donât recall hearing this SP xmsn before.
(Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

7530 CLANDESTINE Suab Xaa Moo Zoo 2233-2235 âHark the
Herald Angel Singsâ, 2236 M anncr in Hmong, then what sounded like a
segment recorded outdoors. 2237 t/out. One of the best signals hrd.
(Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

4885 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope 2240 usual pgm
info format w/familiar song at this time, then W in KR at 2242 mixing
equally w/Para. Strange to hear these 2 mixing. (Valko 20 Dec.

4774.91 BRAZIL R. Sora From 2239. Mixing a little w/Tarma.
2247:35 âRadio Congohasâ ID by W. 2248 full ID by M. Nonstop ZY Pops
over the ToH 2257-2307. Havenât hrd it this strong in a long time.
Only about 4 or 5 hertz separates this from Tarma. (Valko 20 Dec.

4905 BRAZIL R. Relogio (pres.) Sounded like M in PT slightly
under Tibet (W anncr) at 2244. Way too weak and too much Tibet QRM.
(Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

5050 CHINA Beibu Bay R. 2258 M vcl song. 2300 time ticks
and W ID in CH followed by W w/EG TC âItâs Beijing time 7 AMâ, canned M
anncr, then ID in unison by several people. 2305 ad starting w/âJingle
Bellsâ. Fair signal for Beibu Bay on this freq here. (Valko 20 Dec.

4750 CHINA CNR1, Hailar Canned anmnts at 2259, usual time
ticks w/last higher, then âBeijing tsenâ ID. Pres. nx at 2301, and some
canned anmnts at 2303, //4800 which was better. Feed on this freq just
a hair behind 4800. Interestingly this had a slight echo effect.
(Valko 20 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

21 December 2017 Micro-DXpedition #1

5054.997 NEW ZEALAND 4KZ 1032 mx faintly, M anncr 1033. 1040 mx a
little more audible. Same freq as noted yesterday for the first time.
Couldnât really get anything more than just mx or tlk by M or W
throughout to 1145 t/out. Very fady. Just a tad weaker than Ozy, as it
should be as itâs half the strength (now). Conditions were too poor.
Thanks to Rob Wagner for the first alert on this. (Valko 21 Dec.
micro-DXpedition #1)

5045 AUSTRALIA Ozy R. Hrd what was apparently the nx by W
after 1100, then caught âWaltzing Matildaâ w/M anncr mentioning âradioâ
at 1107. Couldnât copy anything else though. (Valko 21 Dec.
micro-DXpedition #1)

2850 NORTH KOREA KCBS Pyongyang 1205 dead air break between
opera-like songs. Not very strong. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1)

6765.1U THAILAND Bangkok Meteorological R. 1211 end of IS and
mechanical M w/opening ID/freq/sked anmnt in EG as âThis is Bangkok
Meteorological R. broadcast on the freq of 6765.1 kHz and 8743.0 kHz
fromâHeavy weather forecast ?? on Thursday the 21st of December 2017.
Broadcast message for shippingââ. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1)

6350 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope 1254 usual
pleasant melody and W w/âVOHâ ID. Hrd again at 1354. (Valko 21 Dec.
micro-DXpedition #1)

4885 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope 1255 short
Gregorian chant-like vcl and W w/âVOHâ ID, then another anmnt by W w/at
least 3 âVOHâ IDs. Still audible at 1354 w/âVOHâ IDs again. Was still
there at 1410 but there was a white noise jammer making it very
difficult to detect audio. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1)

4790 TADJIKISTAN BBC Signal already on at 1257 and audio up
at 1258:42 w/M anncr giving e-mail addr. Deadair, 1259:17 w/canned ID
anmnt by M in EG, then another in lang. ending w/ââBBC Londonâ, then
into apparent Uzkek pgm at 1300. Fairly good but horribly CODAR QRM.
(Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1)

6085 JAPAN Shiokaze Sea Breeze Thought the EG pgm was only
at 1330. Glad I was recording over 1300 as the signal dropped quite a
bit by 1330. Usual piano mx and long opening anmnt by W w/ID, website,
e-mail, phone, and mailing addr. Into nx focusing on North Korea.
(Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1)

7625 UZBEKISTAN V.O. the Wilderness Signal already on at
1321. 1330 pgm start w/usual wind blowing SFX and trumpet blaring, rel.
choral mx, and M in KR. Just a fair signal. (Valko 21 Dec.
micro-DXpedition #1)

5995 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope Plainly
audible over the jamming at 1330 w/discussion in KR between M and W.
Easy song at 1356-1358. W in KR at 1400-1407, best at 1407. (Valko 21
Dec. micro-DXpedition #1)

6045 CLANDESTINE V.O. Freedom In the clear finally at 1400
after China went off. Not a bad signal w/W in KR then MOR KR song.
(Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1)

6400 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang BS Still quite audible w/usual
opera-like mx 1401-1407. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #1)

21 December 2017 Micro-DXpedition #2

3325 INDONESIA RRI Palangkaraya Signal came on at 2159:09
w/what sounded like the IS already in progress. Sounds like a somber
rel. instru. Then lively fanfare mx at 2159:35. Usual fast-tlking W
anncr at 2200. Mx for abt 2 min., then canned anmnts. Conditions just
too poor. Audio went down to threshold by 2222. Signal pretty much
gone by 2252. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2)

9665 NORTH KOREA KCBS, Kanggye Huge signal at 2305 w/W in
KR in forceful desk-pounding manner. Sounded //6400. Tuned out at
2314. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2)

9445 NORTH KOREA V.O. Korea Fairly good signal here.
Instru. orchestral mx 2307-2312, W anncr in CH briefly, then MOR song
w/W vclist to 2314 t/out. // much weaker 9875. Some splash QRM from
9450 FEBC and Taiwan. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2)

9405 PHILIPPINES FEBC Another big signal here at 2307
w/jazzy version of âSanta Claus is Coming to Townâ. M in CH over soft
instru. mx at 2310. Tlk by W then w/instru. mx started at abt 2312.
(Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2)

9514.93 BRAZIL R. Marumby 2309 C&W like PT rel. song. 2312 M
anncr in PT w/ment of Christo, then choral mx briefly, and canned anmnt
by M w/phone #, and nice canned ID promo by M at 2313:30. Pretty decent
signal. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2)

9650 NORTH KOREA V.O. Korea 2309 usual opera-like vcl mx,
then soft instru. song to 2314 t/out. Should have been in JP but no
anmnts hrd. Mixing abt equally w/Guinea. (Valko 21 Dec.
micro-DXpedition #2)

9795 PHILIPPINES FEBC 2309-2314 EG lang. lesson in the Mon
lang. pgm hosted by M and W anncrs. Of course scriptures were used.
And some words were spelled out such as âthinkâ and âspokeâ. Fair
signal. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2)

9850 CLANDESTINE (TAIWAN) Sound of Hope CH tlk by M and W
pgm hosts 2309-2314. Apparent R. Free Asia relay, but didnât find this
until afterwards, so no //âs checked. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition

9920 CLANDESTINE (TAIWAN) Sound of Hope 2309 W in CH, then
M anncr from 2311. Very weak signal w/some fading and slop QRM from a
huge WTWW on 9930. (Valko 21 Dec. micro-DXpedition #2)

5914.98 MYANMAR Myanmar R. (pres.) Signal with 1 khz test tone
from 2315 t/in to 2325. Weak signal mixing w/slightly stronger pres.
CRI. Couldnât really confirm any audio, but the freq being slightly
off, and the test tone should be a dead give-away. (Valko 21 Dec.
micro-DXpedition #2)

23 December 2017 Micro-DXpedition

No sign of the Antarctic Hams doing the caroling in the 2300-0000 time
frame. Disappointing. (Valko 23 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

6973 PIRATE (ARGENTINA) Lupo R. Nothing but nonstop Tango
mx from 2332 to 2354, then long anmnts by M in SP ending w/nice canned
ID by W over mx at 2356:25 as "??, transmite Lupo Radio..660
kilohertzios, amplitud modulada, desde la provincia Buenos Aires,
Republica Argentina...", then right back to more Tango mx. Fair signal
at times. The 630â BOG aimed at Argentina sure helped. Didnât know
about this Pirate and glad to hear it. Almost makes up for not hearing
the Antarctic Hams caroling. (Valko 23 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

6949.76U PIRATE (NA) Pee Wee R. Hrd here at 2337 w/Rock mx. 2338
SSTV but I stopped the recording before it finished. More mx and break
again at 2343 for SSTV image of climbing mouse and ID at the bottom.
Weak signal. Pretty good peaks at 2346 and 2349. CW at 2354 and off.
(Valko 23 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

7700.02 PIRATE (EUROPE) Free R. Service Holland Mx finally
audible at 0907, same as on the Leiden web rx. M w/ID at 0948. 0956 M
tlk w/ment of dates. 1000 ID jingle. 1010 M anncr again. 1012 âmore
musicâ jingle. 1052 still in w/M ment of the âFree Radio Serviceâ.
(Valko 24 Dec.)

6284.06 PIRATE (EUROPE) Free R. Service Holland Thought this had
started the broadcast at 0830, but hrd the âClose Encountersâ theme song
IS at 0857. Slightly weaker than 7700.02. (Valko 24 Dec.)

6234.98 PIRATE (EUROPE, presumably) Coast FM Nx by W at the 0900
ToH. 0905 âFascinationâ by The Human League. (Valko 24 Dec.)

4009.97 PIRATE (EUROPE) Laser Hot Hits Mx at 0852, just barely
audible. Finally able to confirm it was the same as on a European web
rx. More mx at 0917. (Valko 24 Dec.)

6309.8 PIRATE (EUROPE) R. Marabu Found a signal here at 0903
but not quite strong enough to get audio. Guys in the chat said it was
Marabu. There at 0935 check but still not audible. (Valko 24 Dec.)

6264.97 PIRATE (EUROPE) R. Casanova Noted the signal here at
0933. Like Marabu, guys in the chat, including the op, said it was
Casanova. Couldnât get any audio, but probably could have at one of the
remote sites. (Valko 24 Dec.)

12019.12 VIETNAM V.O.V. W doing the nx in EG at 1006, //9839.81
which was good. Better than a couple days ago. (Valko 24 Dec.)

24 December 2017 Micro-DXpedition

7700.06 PIRATE (EUROPE) FRSH Getting a decent signal here right
from the start at 1850-1855, plenty strong on peaks, but couldnât detect
any audio. Gone at 1919 check. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

12255.03 PIRATE (EUROPE) Reflections Europe?? Weak signal but
something here at 1856:50 w/what sounded like a W anncr once or twice on
very short peaks. Didnât want to spend time on this as the NDR
broadcasts were abt to start. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

9800 FRANCE NDR Annual Christmas relay for sailors. *1900
w/W doing nx in GM already in progress. 9790 and 9740 fair to good,
11650 very poor but audible and fady, and 6080 and 6010 excellent.
Interestingly, 6080 was ahead of 6010. (Valko 24 Dec.

6000 Adyegyan R.?? W vclist at recording start around 1907.
1912 M anncr in east Euro lang. Almost like a hybrid GM/RS. 1921 M
choral song like RS Christmas song. 1924 same M anncr. W anncr joined
in at 1926. 1927-1932 same song as hrd at 1921. 1932-1936 M and W
anncrs again. 1936-1940 male chorus again. 1940 W anncr, no M. 1941
audio way down but sounded like background noise from live bdcst (entire
bdcast live perhaps??). Retuned at 1948 and hrd instru. mx and poss.
more background noise. Midnight Mass?? Finally M and W anncrs again at
1958. Test tone came on at 2000:40 to 2002:38, then OC, tone back on
2003:13 for 17 seconds, and deadair again, 2004:10 tone back, OC, and
signal finally went off at 2006:40. Poor w/popping audio. Fady.
Fairly good on short peaks early on. Occas. thunderstorm static crashes.
Now that Bro. Stair is in jail, was hoping Adygeyan R. would be in the
clear and it was. Thanks to Alexandr Kostiukevich in Ukraine for his
help on this. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

7120 SOMALILAND R. Hargeisa Very nice signal at 1944 t/in
w/clear ID by M just as I was abt to start recording. Usual stn theme
song, then same M w/ment of Somaliland, and tlk by another M w/many
ments of Somaliland. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

7425 GERMANY Bible Voice Broadcasting 2015 closing
ID/contact anmnts in EG by M. Only fair. (Valko 24 Dec.

6090 ETHIOPIA Amhara R. Nice ID by W coming back from HoA
Pop song. Exc. Signal. Incredibly strong. (Valko 24 Dec.

6110 ETHIOPIA Fana BC 2023 song âLet Me Be Your
Love-Makerâ, then a HoA Pop song. 2028 M DJ. Audio still slightly
over-modulated. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

6069.98 CANADA CFRX Breaking away from their usual nx/tlk format
to play Christmas mx on this Christmas Eve at 2028 check. (Valko 24
Dec. micro-DXpedition)

5930 GERMANY NDR (Nauen) was very strong w/signal on at
2059:50 and pgm start at 2100:00. 6155 (Yerevan) came on late w/audio
up at 2101:19 and nearly as strong at 5930 but audio a bit distorted.
9590 (France), 9650 (Austria), and 9830 (France) all good, but 9765
(Nauen) weak. 9650 was of course mxing w/Guinea. A bad freq choice.
(Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

9899.58 EGYPT R. Cairo AR version of âJingle Bellsâ at 2108!!!
Had to change the laptop battery after the song, and W was in FR on
return. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

3975 GERMANY Shortwave R. 2117 Pop/Rock song, 2119 next
song which was âThings We Do For Loveâ by 10CC. 2122 M DJ w/UK accent.
2127 Rod Stewart and jingle w/ID. Getting some decent peaks at 2129.
2130 short song anmnts, then âIf You Leave Me Nowâ by Chicago to 2135.
Hams staying away for the most part except for 3972.5. But 2 guys came
on right on top at 2133. 2140 M w/ment of shortwave and song anmnts.
Pretty clear at 2141. 2142 more song anmnts, and into âSomebody to
Loveâ by Queen. Weird that this would come in but nothing from 3995
HCJB Weenermoor. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

4009.97 PIRATE (EUROPE) LHH Dance mx at 2020. Fairly audible at
this time but surprisingly nothing on 48m. Really long Dance song, 2124
âOh Girlâ by Chi-Lites. 2130 Seagulls. 2135 canned anmnt, and into
âCome Togetherâ by The Beatles. 2143:00 jingle ID by M, then âLove You
Inside and Outâ by The Bee Gees. Very fady like 3975 Shortwave R.
(Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

3325 INDONESIA RRI Palangkaraya Decent signal up at 2158,
but blasted by South Africa and UTE. Audio too low and too much QRM to
ID. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

6295.02 PIRATE (EUROPE) Reflections Europe 2203-2008 rel. tlk by
M and choral mx at 2210. Tough reception. (Valko 24 Dec.

6310 PIRATE (EUROE) R. Marabu M anmnt as soon as I started
the recording at 2203, and into âHaitian Divorceâ by Steely Dan. 2205
ment of Marabu in GM tlk by M. âMe and You and a Dog Named Booâ at
2210. Better signal than Coast FM. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

6973 PIRATE (ARGENTINA) Lupo R. Signal here at 2244 after I
moved to the top of the hill and changed BOG to 175 degrees. Definite
mx at 2259, and again at 2307 check. 2318 Tango mx. W anncr at 2341
but imposs. To copy. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

6925.13 PIRATE (CHILE) R. Compania Worldwide (pres.) Signal here
at 2320 but SP renegades were here. 2332 poss. mx?? Definite mx at
2343 but extremely weak. Very fady. Needed that extra 315 feet of wire
like last night. Just too weak. (Valko 24 Dec. micro-DXpedition)

4054.98 GUATEMALA R. Verdad Usual vibraphone-like mx w/SP ID
anmnt by M at 0805, and into rel. mx. Guess they were staying on all
night for Christmas. Fair signal at best with a lot of crackly
static-like noise through the entire SW spectrum. (Valko 25 Dec.)

7400 CHINA apparently Ronâs UNID. hrd w/signal coming on at
1056:43 and Chinese mx up already in progress 10 seconds later. Mx over
ToH and straight through nonstop till laptop battery ran out of power at
1219. (Valko 25 Dec.)

6069.98 CANADA CFRX 1557 W giving her version of a memorable
Christmas, canned ID by M âThis is Torontoâs breaking news, traffic, and
weather, Indepth Radio, Newstalk 10-10. CFRB AM, an iHeart Radio
stationâ, and into Christmas mx. Fanfare, ID, nx and sports from the
Canadian Press by W, Christmas and New Years ID greeting, then back to
Christmas mx including âHappy Christmas, War is Overâ by Lennon.
Strong. (Valko 25 Dec.)

6000 RUSSIA Adygeyan R. (pres.) Had the signal here from
but not strong enough for audio. Plus there was a band of lcl noise
between 5999-6010. Went off at 1859:35. Had it fairly well on a web rx
in the Ukraine too. (Valko 25 Dec.)

6160 UNID. NA Pirate?? Getting a weak signal here at 2222
w/unrec. Rock mx. Also had it on VA web rx, and very weak signals w/out
audio on various European web rxs, but may have been something else. In
fact it was strongest here. Unreadable M anncr at 2227:55 sounding like
EG. 2233:20 ment of ââon frequencies 6160 khz shortwaveââ. 2234 back
to Rock mx sounding like a remake of âHere Come the Sunâ. 2236:50
canned tlk in EG by M w/ment of United States, Watergate, and Vietnam,
then audio off at 2238:14 and signal gone at 2238:31. Didnât return.
Not a spur or image. One or two NA Pirates have been hrd around this
freq in the past. (Valko 25 Dec.)

PIRATE (ARGENTINA) Nice e-QSL from Lupo R. for Saturdays reception. A
great Christmas present!!! (Valko 25 Dec.)

6294.96 PIRATE (EUROPE) R. Tower Found weak signal at 0852 then
bits of audio on very short peaks after 0900. Big signal on the Leiden
NL web rx. Peaks here at 0925, 0935, and 0942. M anncr at 0948. Just
not in long enough. (Valko 26 Dec.)

6160.03 BRAZIL Super R. Boa Vontade (pres.) Came on late at
0907:54 today w/male choral song. Too weak as usual. (Valko 26 Dec.)

9898 CLANDESTINE V.O. Tibet (via Tajikistan) Found w/weak
signal at 1332 w/tlk in Asian lang., no doubt Tibetan. Signal went off
1335:44 on sked. (Valko 26 Dec.)

9903 CLANDESTINE V.O. Tibet (via Tajikistan) Came on here
just 3 seconds after 9898 went off. Cont. tlk in pres. Tibetan by M, W
joining in later. Still tlking and no change in signal quality by 1345
t/out. Donât recall ever hearing these 2 freqs before. (Valko 26 Dec.)

HAWAII (USA) Got a QSL picturing a fiery sunset (or is it sunrise) in
the mail from WWVH for the Dec. 7 reception on 2.5 mhz. Ironically the
time wasn't included!! (Valko 26 Dec.)

6011.74 BRAZIL R. Inconfidencia First found around 2252 w/M and
W. W in PT went over the 2300 ToH. Some canned anmnts at 2302, and
into mx at 2304. Slowly getting better. M in PT at 2318 recheck, and
more mx. Mx pgm w/M DJ hosting continued, playing a bunch of songs in a
row after 2330. Got a het from pres. China on 6010. Nothing noted on
15190 as conditions were too poor. Hrd on a couple ZY web rxs too and
only 1 ID in the 2300-0000 hour. Wonder why itâs so far off freq.
(Valko 26 Dec.)

Perseus SDR
Wellbrook ALA1530S loop at home and BOGs of 315 feet (except for 23 Dec.
when 630 feet used) on micro-DXpeditions.

73 and Happy New Year to all in 2018!!

Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA
Hard-Core-DX mailing list


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