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retirement / move / antennas   
Thursday, December 28 2017


Mark beat me to the punch, DKAZ antenna is the way to go for MW reception, 5
acres, I would have one on each off the 4 compass point directions.
I have two here in Austin, Texas, one to the east and the other to the
south, both work very well.


-----Original Message-----
From: IRCA [mailto:irca-bounces@hard-core-dx.com] On Behalf Of Mark
Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2017 5:24 PM
To: 'Mailing list for the International Radio Club of America'
Subject: Re: [IRCA] retirement / move / antennas

BOY Stephen, we need to get you into some D-Kaz MW action! Imagine 30 to 35
db rejection across the band toward Milwaukee/Chicago...

One can never have too many antennas...and since we're only three hours
apart, I'll be glad to pile on, once you can see the soil once again <g>


Mark Durenberger

-----Original Message-----
From: IRCA [mailto:irca-bounces@hard-core-dx.com] On Behalf Of Stephen
Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2017 4:31 PM
To: irca@hard-core-dx.com
Subject: [IRCA] retirement / move / antennas


This is almost a reintro as I have not been very active the last few years.
Between a long commute and long hours at work, added to 2 back surgeries I
have had little time.

I am finally now living in a place I can have all the antennas I can afford.

I moved from the San Francisco Bay area to a small house in Boone Iowa in
2004. I retired three years ago (unix / network / application
support) and began the hunt for a more suitable place to live now that I
did not have to worry about how far I was from work. We hunted for a year.
My wife wanted a larger garden and I wanted more room for larger, better
antennas. We both wanted more privacy. After a year of hunting we both
got what we wanted. A bonus for me low noise level, nearest neighbor is
1/4 of a mile away, next nearest is close to 3/4 of a mile)

It has taken me 2 years to move, sell the old place and do some repairs and
additions to the new place (it did not have a garage). It had a 42 x 73
foot machine shed for parking combines, but the doors weigh about
400 pounds and can be difficult in the winter. We have 5.2 acres some of
which we rent to the farmer who farms the 70 acres behind us. He has told
me I can run beverages across the fields in the winter after harvest as long
as I take them down in the spring before planting.

I spent the last two summers working on antennas. We had a bad hail storm
last March (golf ball sized hail driven by 60 MPH winds) $ 29K worth of
damage in about 10 minutes. It undid some of my work.

It was a race this summer to finish all my antennas before winter. I just
made it. It was -15.8F just before sunrise this morning.

I now have antennas up for all the HF ham bands and I have spent the last
few days refurbishing my beloved Sanserino Loop. Got it up this afternoon
thanks to help from several IRCA members. Thank You all. I hope to also
use it on 160M, along with a BOG or two.

See www.qrz.com put my callsign ng0g in the little search window in the
upper left hand corner. Scroll down below the bio for photos of antennas
that include views of some of our new place.

Good to be back up and at the dials.


Stephen Hawkins NG0G
73 49 111 01001001


retirement / move / antennas | 0 comments |
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