Hard-Core-DX.com: Loggings 27-30 December

Loggings 27-30 December

Saturday, December 30 2017

5010 PIRATE (NA) Pirate Radio Newport (relay) 2120-2157
very good signal w/Rock mx including 2129-2139 âStrangleholdâ by Ten
Nugent. 2140 M anncr w/what seemed to be a full list of songs played in
the show to that point, and ID, then LP by The Scorpions. (Valko 27

4920 INDIA AIR Chennai 1228-1229 couple canned anmnts.
1229 W in hyper-speed mentioning upcoming EG nx. Deadair, then EG nx by
soft-spoken M anncr to 1235. ID by studio W anncr, then subcont. mx.
Fair. (Valko 28 Dec.)

5010 INDIA AIR Thiruvananthapuram EG nx by soft-spoken M
1230-1235 could just barely tell it was //4920 and 5040. (Valko 28

5040 INDIA AIR Jeypore Similar strength to AIR Thiru., and
just barely able to tell it was //4920 w/EG nx by M 1230-1235. (Valko
28 Dec.)

9809.97 UNID. AIR Panaji?? Found a signal here with 1 khz test
tone from 1245. Going of over an hour and a half until finally going
off at 1416:37. (See below) (Valko 28 Dec.)

9809.98 INDIA AIR Panaji Weak at 1230 but came up rapidly and
decent signal in just 5 min. Indian Pop mx to W anncr in pres. Tamil at
1240, then deadair for 5 min., and audio back at 1245 w/W anncr and
canned anmnts in possible Hindi. Horrible distorted noise in the audio.
Audio cut and test tone for 2 seconds, then off at 1254:17. So this
was indeed the one with the test tone yesterday. (Valko 29 Dec.)

11828v UNID. Found a strong OC here at 1417 varying quickly and
drifting as well. Was able to check on a number of web rxs around the
world and it was noted everywhere. Went off at 1428:46 w/out any audio
unfortunately. Must have been someone with a high-powered xmtr. (See
below) (Valko 29 Dec.)

6185.02 MEXICO R. Educacion Audible at times. Thought I had
Turkey in Italian at 1510 but it wasn't sounding parallel to what I had
on a web receiver in Greece. The only other thing I could see that it
could have been was Educacion. So I tried a web rx in TX, and sure
enough, it was parallel. 1531 w/W then M in SP on peaks. W still
audible on peak at 1546, and M at 1551 and 1556, same as on the TX web
rx. Never heard R. Educacion at this time of day before. Signal
visible in the display throughout the day even after China came on at
2000 (Educacion was slightly off freq.). (Valko 29 Dec.)

11828.5v INDIA AIR (site??) Found again today at 1410 w/audio,
unlike yesterday. M tlk in what sounded like Hindi. 1412-1419 subcont.
mx. 1419:25 clear AIR ID by M and tlk. Another ID by M at 1429:37.
Discussion by at least 2 men from 1430 until the signal suddenly went
off at 1433:05. Fair signal w/some QRM from 11830 which was easily
notched out. I donât see AIR listed on either 11825 or 11830. A
Youtube video of the reception can be found by clicking on this link:
https://youtu.be/RUHUs6efpvQ (Valko 30 Dec.)

Used a Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S loop antenna.


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA
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