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Loggings 27-30 December

Sunday, December 31 2017

I guess this odd fq matter need more investigation on coming days.

Re AIR, mostly Kingsway tx are unstable frequency on upper fq side mostly
Urdu/Pakistan etc. in 7.3 to 7.5 kHz range, up to 2500 Hertz odd fq .

I noted a press release the other month, that AIR ordered already new units
for the Delhi SW sites in future ...

But I noted today Dec 30 FEBC Tibetan half hour earlier 1300-1330 UT speedy
wandered up

11825.670 PHL FEBC Bocaue in Tibetan-Khams sce - acc Aoki Nagoya database
list, S=9 in Seoul, but hit heavily by China mainland jamming,
on even fq. 11825 kHz. At 1309 UT S=8, the Bocaue technicians
are keen {or was not desired ?} and moved fq upwards 100 Hertz
step by step to 11826.840 kHz at 1321 UT.
Wandered 1300 Hertz up-wards within 12 minutes

What's about the other Bocaue outlet 1400-1430 UT
on 11750 kHz ? Request scheduled

11750 FEBC RADIO 1400-1430 1234567 Lahu 100 305 Bocaue PHL FEBC b17
maybe they are unstable too ?

73 wb df5sx

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From: "Dave Valko" Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2017 9:43 PM

Subject: [HCDX] Loggings 27-30 December

11828v UNID. Found a strong OC here at 1417 varying quickly and
drifting as well. Was able to check on a number of web rxs around the
world and it was noted everywhere. Went off at 1428:46 w/out any audio
unfortunately. Must have been someone with a high-powered xmtr. (See
below) (Valko 29 Dec.)

11828.5v INDIA AIR (site??) Found again today at 1410 w/audio,
unlike yesterday. M tlk in what sounded like Hindi. 1412-1419 subcont.
mx. 1419:25 clear AIR ID by M and tlk. Another ID by M at 1429:37.
Discussion by at least 2 men from 1430 until the signal suddenly went off
at 1433:05. Fair signal w/some QRM from 11830 which was easily notched
out. I donât see AIR listed on either 11825 or 11830. A Youtube video of
the reception can be found by clicking on this link:
https://youtu.be/RUHUs6efpvQ (Valko 30 Dec.)
Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA
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