Hard-Core-DX.com: Good night for longwave 189 Kc Iceland (?)

Good night for longwave 189 Kc Iceland (?)

Monday, January 01 2018

Can anyone help with my LW QRM?


Went to check on this tip and thatâs what I got.

Thanks and Happy New Year.

Rick Shaftan

Rodanthe NC OBX FM25go

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Subject: [nrc-am] Good night for longwave 189 Kc Iceland (?)

I cannot find a website for this one to listen to online but it is coming in clear with a steady signal approx 10 db above S9 with a het playing mostly classic rock and classic easy listening music, heard Honky Tonk Woman at approx 11:20 ET,

England on 198 male and female voices steady//http://radiomap.eu/uk/play/bbc4lw,

Germany 183 with male voice, weak//http://www.europe1.fr/direct-audio,

Morocco 171 Medi 1 with Arabian music, steady,

Nothing above 198 which has been usual here

Bob Young

Millbury, Ma

National HRO-50R1

600' LW

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