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NDBs from both coasts

Tuesday, January 02 2018

Very interesting, Bill. I have compiled NDBs from Newfoundland since
1995. I've heard most of the NDBs you've heard, though I haven't heard
your Chile and Ecuador stations. I've had quite a few from Iceland, North
Sea oil platforms, as well as some MW band NDBs from Eastern Europe. 1060
is one of them as I recall. I've also had many of the Caribbean stations
you've heard, plus some Brazilians. I have nothing close to the number of
domestic ones you've heard, though I've had a lot from Eastern Canada and
Nunavut.. Cape Verde SAL qualifies as a "pest" at Cappahayden, but it's
sweet to get one from a non-MW country. I think my LW loggings are
included with our Newfoundland reports on the DXing Info web page. I wish
I could farm out the NDBs to a code expert. I just plod through them with
my code list close at hand. Perseus flies review is always a sleep
inducer, and the NDBs even more so! Jim Renfrew

On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 6:22 AM, Bill Whitacre <bw@his.com> wrote:

> Happy New Year to everyone!
> Good friend Andy Robins has gone through some of my Perseus files from
> DXpeditions to Quoddy House, near Lubec, Maine [Nov. 2017], the former
> Grayland Motel [Feb. 2017], Casa Sea Esta, also near Grayland, WA [August
> 2017] and Sans Souci, near Florence, OR [August 2017] looking for NDB
> stations.
> Hereâs what he found:
> http://realmonitor.com/qh10/Quoddy%20House%20NDB%20Logs%202017.pdf
> http://realmonitor.com/grayland16/Grayland%20Trans-
> Pacific%20NDBs%202017-final.pdf
> Thanks to Andy for going thru these and for putting together excellent
> reports.
> Hope you enjoy them.
> Bill Whitacre
> Alexandria, VA
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