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4765 kHz Radio Tajikistan

Wednesday, January 10 2018

TAJIKISTAN 7245.000 This Tajik Radio in 14-16 UT slot is real on even
frequency, Tajik language program.

But both 60 mb frequencies are oddly these days at least past 6-8 weeks now.

Usually 4765 kHz channel was exact even fq in past years time as an
alignement marker,
when compared to Standard fq outlets AUS 4835, RWM Moscow TS 4966, BPM 5000,
or WWV / WWVH 5000 kHz.

Now today Jan 10, Yangi Yul bcasts are
TJK Tajik Radio 4765.062 kHz S=9+10dB monitored in India,

TJK BBC London via Yangi Yul in Uzbek language 4789.989 kHz at 1320 UT,
and co-channel
CHN 4790even as China mainland jamming S=9+15dB.

73 wb

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4765 kHz Radio Tajikistan
00:40 UTC Music local Tajikistan
00:50 UTC Music Culture Tajikistan
Day 09 January 2018 SINPO 23222 QRM of CODAR

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