Hard-Core-DX.com: 2-12 January 2018 Loggings

2-12 January 2018 Loggings

Friday, January 12 2018

6940U PIRATE (NA) An Unidentified Radio 0007 Pop song this
time, then same robo voice ID as hrd earlier âWelcome to An Unidentified
Radio, which is a clever name for an unknown radio stationâ, Rock song.
Weaker and poor at this time. (Valko 2 Jan.)

6185 UNID. Just as I tuned in at 1311, someone w/fairly
strong signal playing Classical mx suddenly went off. R. Educacion??
(Valko 2 Jan.)

11828.3v INDIA AIR Panaji Already on at 1326 w/what sounded like
northern India mx. Deadair 1329, M anncr (too weak to copy), then into
subcont. mx. Drifting up faster than usual today, abt 100 hz per min.
crossing RFE/RL on 11830 at 1336. Was a faulty xmtr of 11620 but has
since been fixed. (Valko 2 Jan.)

7181.56 ERITREA V.O. Broad Masses 2 Signal w/1 kHz tone at 0258.
Switched from the tone to HoA mx at 0301:24. W anncr mixing w/the mx.
Then into HoA song at 0302. Poor signal w/Ham QRM. Unusual to find
this at 0300 now. (Valko 4 Jan.)

5025.02 PERU R. Quillabamba Rebelde off and this hrd weakly at
1122 w/M anncr in SP. OA flute mx at 1123 briefly and diff. M anncr.
Got to the freq too late. Wonder if Rebelde was off at 1000 sign on
time. (Valko 6 Jan.)

9645 VATICAN Vatican R. 0940-1030* special pgm for Orthodox
Christmas w/MOR rel.-sounding mx and M w/short anmnts in Ukrainian after
abt every third song, once at 1006. Went off at 1030 w/out any anmnts.
Thought it might be Bandeirantes returning at first. Tnx Wolfgang
Bueschel and Ivo Ivanov. (Valko 7 Jan.)

7200 MYANMAR Myanmar R. (pres.) Surprised to find a signal
here at 1140 w/pgm of Asian Pops and M anncr hosting. 1153-1158
familiar-sounding W anncr perhaps a nx bulletin. M anncr again and back
to mx. Came back at 1227 and found improved signal w/more mx, M and W
anncrs at 1229, brief mx intro 1230 then W w/apparent nx going all the
way to 1259. Peaking around our sunrise at 1240 but then a lot of Ham
QRM after that. (Valko 10 Jan.)

6035 BHUTAN BBS Surprised to find it on this morning mixing
w/Yunnan at 1200 (Yunnan in usual mx and BBS w/tlk by M), then clear of
Yunnan once it went off at 1201:43. 1202 indigenous mx briefly, then
soft-spoken M w/apparent nx. More lcl mx on stringed instru. at 1213, M
once again, and lcl string mx cont. at 1216 for abt 45 sec. then diff.
deep-voice M anncr to 1218. Mx briefly again then canned anmnt by
alternating M and W followed by the same deep-voiced M, and more lcl mx
w/M subtle M vcl until suddenly going off at 1224:51. The incessant
Cuban jammer on 6030 always causes slop QRM for 6035. (Valko 10 Jan.)

11 JANUARY 2018 Micro-DXpedition

No luck with the Aussies 5045 Ozy R. or 5055 4ZK. They were both there,
just not strong enough to get any audio. Had a very weak signal on
3260, but what was most likely Palangkaraya on 3325. (Valko 11 Jan.)

2850 NORTH KOREA KCBS Pyongyang Fair signal at 1058 w/end
of the usual opera-like mx. Filler mx to 1100, then M in KR, cont. mx,
and more tlk. Voice audio muffled. More opera-like mx at 1315. Was
still able to get audio on this w/M anncr in KR at 1330. Almost an hour
after sunrise. (Valko 11 Jan.)

6060 COLOMBIA LV de tu Conciencia 1118 lively Tropical mx,
then what sounded like a Johnny Cash song, 1123 canned ID by W, and back
to mx. Whenever the signal is up in this area, itâs horrendously
distorted. Had to use FM mode to get any kind of readable audio.
Nothing else worked. And even with the FM mode, it was unusable most of
the time. At 1125:38, it suddenly jumped back down to 6009.90 and the
audio was perfectly fine. End of song then another canned anmnt by W,
but the signal there went off at 1126:24 while the W was speaking.
(Valko 11 January)

7200 MYANMAR Myanmar R. Poor signal at 1134 w/Asian
Pop-like mx, before changing the BOG antenna direction, then better at
1143 w/tlk by W. Decent signal at 1200 w/M and W pgm hosts. Still
going w/mx at 1228, then same M and W again. Both in unison briefly at
1229. 1230 soft mx and diff. W host w/ment of Myanmar and then bit of
EG words counting off apparent important points once mentioning âThree,
historicallyâabnormal behaviorââ. Really tough to copy due to signal
and anncrs accent. Tnx to Ron Howard, he states this was the Distance
Learning Service. Signal gone by 1342 check, and indeed Ronâs said they
went off at 1332. (Valko 11 Jan.)

4760 ANDAMAN ISLANDS AIR Port Blair?? Just a carrier here
at 1155. Getting blasted by a UTE on the low side and strong CODAR on
top. (Valko 11 Jan.)

4750 BANGLADESH Bangladesh Betar Nice subcont. mx at 1153.
W anncr at 1155, followed by more subcont. mx. On top of China which
was on 4749.99. (Valko 11 Jan.)

6035 no sign of Bhutan. Only Yunnan here today going off at 1200:56.
(Valko 11 Jan.)

7530 CLANDESTINE (TAJIKISTAN) National Unity R. (via
Dushanbe) OC already on at 1156. Fanfare and W w/apparent opening
anmnts in KR at 1200, and cont. fanfare mx. 1201 mx and anmnt by W,
then alternating tlk by same W and M. Fair signal. Still readable at
1310 but not quite as strong. (Valko 11 Jan.)

7906U VIETNAM Was able to get varying strengths of audible
signals from Hai Phong R. at 1213, Vung Tau R. at 1225, Da Nang R. at
1235, Ben Thuy R. at 1250, Ho Chi Minh R. at 1305, but none of the
subsequent others past 1400. Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh were about equal
and the best. (Valko 11 Jan.)

4790 CHINA Already had an OC here at 1240, presumably
getting the CNR1 jammer ready for BBCâs transmission at 1300. (Valko 11

4765 TAJIKISTAN R. Tajikistan Did a quick check and found W
speaking in the apparent Tajik lang. at 1256. Wouldnât have been that
bad of a signal if not for the awful CODAR. (Valko 11 Jan.)

4790 TAJIKISTAN BBC Signal already on at 1256. 1258 M w/EG
w/short 20 second ID and website anmnt over mx, and repeated about every
35 seconds. Apparent Uzbek pgm start at 1300. Didnât seem jammed by
1303 t/out. But just getting hammered by CODAR. (Valko 11 Jan.)

6085 JAPAN Shiokaze Sea Breeze Signal on at 1259, then
usual soft piano mx and opening anmnt by M, but it sounded like JP.
When hrd in the past on Thursdays, they signed on w/W anncr in EG. Poor
signal. Tnx Ron Howard, says this was a repeat of the special 7 Jan.
joint broadcast between Shiokaze and Furusato no Kaze in JP. (Valko 11

7560 ALASKA (USA) KNLS Huge signal at 1307 w/rel. Pop song
going on and on and on. Closing w/M in CH at 1358, then theme mx. Dead
air, IS start at 1400, and CH opening ID at 1401. (Valko 11 Jan.)

9743.62 UNID. Found a fairly strong OC here at 1323 w/QRM from a
strong TWR India. (Valko 11 Jan.)

9749.81 KUWAIT R. Kuwait AR Pop-like mx w/M vcl 1324. Suddenly
went off abt 1326 and didnât return. Good signal. (Valko 11 Jan.)

5985 MYNAMAR Myanmar R. Burmese tlk by W anncr 1331-1333+.
Came back later at 1402 and hrd M anncr still audible but getting some
slop QRM from a huge 5970 WEWN. (Valko 11 Jan.)

7120 SOMALILAND R. Hargeisa M anncr here very weakly at
1342. HoA mx briefly and cont. tlk. Some CW QRM on the high side.
Checked at 1325 for EG nx but it was too weak and severe Ham QRM.
(Valko 11 Jan.)

7625 UZBEKISTAN V.O. the Wilderness Easy mx on a wind
instru. and KR tlk by W over the mx at 1357 continuing to 1401 t/out.
(Valko 11 Jan)

6045 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) V.O. Freedom Came here at
1402 and found CNR1 off and this in the clear with a KR version of the
Kenny Rogers song âCoward of the Countyâ. (Valko 11 Jan.)

4885 CLANDESTINE (SOUTH KOREA) Echo of Hope Still barely
getting just a bit of audio w/tlk by W at 1405. The last thing audible
on the band. (Valko 11 Jan.)

5915 ZAMBIA ZNBC/R. One Per Ron Howards tip, found back on
w/OC at 0238, then start of Fish Eagle cry IS past 0245. Very poor and
had to tune in LSB to avoid tremendous slop QRM from 5920 WHRI. Will
have to try later when WHRI is off. Tnx Ron, and Eike Bierwirth,
Richard Langley and Bill Bingham in DXLD. (Valko 12 Jan.)

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S loop antenna.
On the micro-DXpedition, used a 315 foot BOG at 320 degrees, changed to
20 degrees.


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA
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