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ZNS Nassau

Thursday, January 18 2018

During my Caribbean cruise (which I am writing up at a leisurely pace because of my scribbling), ZNS was not exactly overwhelming once you got out of the Bahamas. In addition, it throws out a lot of garbage at various places between 1500-1570kHz. Of particular note, it is responsible for a 1kHz tone around 1520 which on one evening clashed with the 1kHz het caused by the Saudi. I noted the same thing last year but at the time didnât relate it to ZNS.

Pete Taylor
Tacoma, WA
12225w 4719n
HQ180 & ICF2010
Kiwa aircore & Palomar loops
DX398, SRF-59 & M37V
Eton E100 + Tecsun PL-300/380

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> ZNS is using a two tower array with about 110 k watts going south and a null to the north to protect 1540 in Albany, NY. From time to time they will go non-d at half power. On a regular basis they have a .5 mv signal into Inagua, the southernmost island in the Bahamas. On any given day they get a fair copy during the day on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.
> Jerry Kiefer
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