Hard-Core-DX.com: Kouji Hashimoto, Japan logs, Feb 26-March 2

Kouji Hashimoto, Japan logs, Feb 26-March 2

Tuesday, March 06 2018

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Subject: [WOR] Kouji Hashimoto, Japan logs, Feb 26-March 2

BANGLADESH 9455 Bangladesh Betar Feb 26 1314-1321 34333 Nepali,
IS, Opening music, Opening announce, News, [Ko.Hashimoto, JAPAN]

15105 Bangladesh Betar Feb 26 1232-1246 25322 English,
News, ID at 1243, [Ko.Hashimoto, JAPAN]

BANGLADESH 15105.005 kHz exact heard signing on,
12.27:06 UT TX switch-on start on March 6,
S=9+40dB signal noted in THA/CBG remote SDR installation.
Visible on THA/CBG border region, on Uwe's Perseus server unit.
Many thanks for for the friendly service !

12.27:50 UT started audio there, their Interval Signal theme,
12.30:46 UT Station announcement by male anncr,
then also some few times the TX signal broke down breaks.

10 kHz wideband audio, excellent sound of their new Thomson tx unit.
Much better than average AIR India audio sound.

UAE 17844.98 R.Ergo via UAE Mar 02 *1159-1205 25322-25222 Somali,
1159 sign on with opening music, ID, Opening announce,
Theme song, Talk, [Ko.Hashimoto, JAPAN]

UAE 17844.978 kHz measured today March 6, ERGO / Irin at 1218 UT,
Somali sce sidelobe heard in Thailand remote SDR unit,
S=9+10dB signal into South East Asia area noted remotedly.
Talk program.

another Al Dhabbaya UAE transmission scheduled at same time:

15215.125 kHz FEBC Radio in Tibetan at 1211 UT on March 6,
NOT JAMMED by China mainland !
S=9+40dB powerhouse monitored in THA/CBG border region,
1200-1230 UT requested on that channel, some MUFFLED audio
served on feeder though.

INDIA 7555.690 kHz measured on tune-in at 1245 UT on March 6,
seemingly parked AIR transmitter on that channel.
CARRIER ONLY. Seemingly:

7555 100 Delhi Khampur 1215-1330 UT Tibetan(China), 1330-1430 UT Nepali
1515-1530 UT Hindi HS, 1530-1600 UT English HS (ex 6155/7505).

At 12.52:54 UT SUDDENLY some short STRING instrument piece sound came
on air,

some TX breaks then in between,

again on air 12.53:45 UT some mountain singer performance.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 6)

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