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Re - Korea - Voice of Freedom

Wednesday, March 07 2018

KOREA at 21.08 noted on remote Perseus SDR in Seoul,
odd fq station with soft nice music singer in probably Korean language from
Hwaesong bcast.

5918.493 kHz, and broadband up to 2 x 4.6 kHz, either side.
10 minutes later on 5918.476 kHz.

73 wolfie df5sx

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March 7 - Voice of Freedom continues their downward spiral. Thanks to
input from Dave Valko, who measured VOF at 1053, on 5918.91v, and at
1103, as 5918.902v. My monitoring from 1117 to 1216 had them about
5918.91v, down to 5918.76v.


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From: "Ron Howard" <ron888howard@gmail.com>

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After monitoring VOF's drifting downward frequency for several days, have
contacted Jamie (via his Facebook page), who in 2014 constructed the
transmitters for VOF. Wanted to bring him up-to-date about the drifting
frequency on SW. Here is his quick response:

*Jamie LaBadia* "Hi Ron,....thank you so much for the update! I wonder
why the drift? The original exciter is a commercial D.D.S. I have been
home for a few weeks now,...but getting ready to head out again,....
either to Nashville,....or back to Indiana. Not totally sure yet. I'll have
to contact Korea and see what is up with the transmitters. Hard to
imagine both of the transmitters would become a "drift-o-matic." I'll
try to bring them up on one of the S.D.R.s in the area. For now,.....
I'm hunkering down for another blizzard here in the Catskills."


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