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Fw: Mali: CRI A-18

Saturday, April 07 2018

UNIDENTIFIED 9635.even likely RTM Bamako Kati site in Mali, with test tone
of 823 Hertz continously since 0804 UT, now also still at 0846 UT, April 07.

Heard only in England (weak in southern Germany too),
south-north path, and noted in Florida, NJ and MI US state remotes
on dark path across Atlantic.

At 0730 UT heard usual S=8 signal of RTM on 5995 kHz too.

Thanks to tip of gh,
checked yesterday evening/night the CRI Bamako relays,
BUT COULDN'T trace anything of CRI outlets, even when checked Qatar and
Brazil remote SDRs.

Mayby Chinese engineers are on board to repair work now,
the ship Diesel broken?,
or muslim IS fighter has blown-up the Bamako control unit ?

CRI and domestic RTM are on two different site location.

MLI__BAM__Bamako old french ORTF_site,
new CRI site there erected/refurbished around 2002-2003y,
latest Chinese curtain antenna design of 2003y,
tall 8-row level curtains,
acc BBC Monitoring report in topnews started in September 2003.
12Â41'19.81"N 08Â01'34.30"W

and older RTVMali domestic site station
MLI_Bamako_Kati_RTM_site 5995 ex4835 ex7285 9635 kHz
12Â44'37.21"N 08Â03'11.43"W

73 wolfgang df5sx

ps refurbish repair work by Chinese engineers in Africa:
when Chinese engineers on Africa tour,
afterwards heard proper signals via Bcast centres (of Made in China gear)
of - for example Bata 5005 15190, Guinea 9650, Zanzibar Isl. 11735,
Ethiopia Gedja 8 Units, etc. etc..

Subject: Re: Mali: CRI A-18

2017y by H-J Biener:
1703: Mali: Results of a monitoring project on the Mali relay station of
China Radio International
08.00-08.57: 7295 Haussa
14.00-15.57: 17630 English
16.00-16.57: 15125 Arabic
18.00-18.27: 11640 Haussa
18.30-19.27: 11640 Arabic
22.30-22.57: 15505 Chinese not checked (after midnight CEST)
1. Since 2013, DXer have noted the parallel use of 17630 kHz from Urumqi
and Bamako. This can also be observed in this season. Urumqi is on at
1200-1500 h UTC and Bamako at 1400-1600 h UTC. At 1400 h, the double
occupancy is not noticeable by a stronger signal but by an echo effect. At
1457 h, however, you can observe how the stronger signal from Urumqi breaks
away. Interestingly, the 1500-h-broadcast is announced as a repeat
broadcast, although it comes in an as-if-live format.
2. In 2016, listening experts also paid attention to the Arabic broadcast
at 1600 h, because a frequency offset of 15124 kHz was observed here. The
exact frequency did not make it look like a mistake of a wandering station,
but the frequency was corrected to 15125 kHz in the meantime. Compared to
the almost hectic word-oriented English programme, the Arabic programme
sounds absolutely relaxed. In fact, a lot of Arabic pop music is played.
(Dr Hansjoerg Biener 30 March 2017)

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From: "Kai Ludwig" Sent: Friday, April 06, 2018 10:24 PM
Subject: Re: Mali: CRI A-18

Or totally off the air?

UTwente SDR chex April 6:
1452: nothin` but noise on 13685, 17630
1606: nothin` but noise on 15125, 17880

2015: nothin` but noise on 11640, 13630. On 5995, supposed to carry own
ORTM programming, there is a carrier with little, if any, modulation.

Really needs to be checked if the CRI relays from Mali are still on air at

Kai Ludwig


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