Hard-Core-DX.com: extremely different; best propagation this morning in Europe and Qatar/Russia too, on May 11, but bad low level 60 mb reception

extremely different; best propagation this morning in Europe and Qatar/Russia too, on May 11, but bad low level 60 mb reception

Friday, May 11 2018

TURKEY very ODD FQ outlet of TRT Emirler in Hausa at 0643 UT:
13765.696 kHz ! scheduled 05-07 S=9+20dB here in Germany.

two IRIB / Saudi Arabia jamming service in 22 mb,
BSKSA HQ sermon and police car sirene jamming both combined,
difficult to say 'which is which', so tried and compared various
'increase and de-crease' signals in strength
on various remote SDR installations:

13609.917 50 Hertz apart distance spurious string of
13609.967 strongest signal IRIB Zahedan outlet
13610.006 car sirene jamming outlet.
13610.017 50 Hertz apart distance spurious string of 13609.967 kHz.
13610.051 BSKSA HQ sce // 9715v

13779.988 IRIB Arabic magazine program
13780.002 BSKSA HQ sce // 9715v
13780.044 car sirene jamming outlet, 0650 UT on May 11.

GREECE 9420even fq VoGRC Avlis, S=9+30dB this morning at 0556 UT,
American FREE JAZZ sce program, nothing on // 9935 kHz.

USA 9330.114 Poor signal of BS TOM px of WBCQ, S=5 fluttery 0552 UT

9395 Oldies continously mx program of WRMI, here in southern Germany
S=8-9 at 0554 UT, but only JBA S=4 on // 9455 kHz, also Okeechobee FL.

FRANCE 9620 RTA Algeria via TDF Issoudun 0600-0658 UT, tremendously
powerhouse of S=9+45dB, 40.4 kHz broadband, covers 9600 to 9640 kHz range.

Similar propagation on 9790 kHz RFI Issoudun in French channel,
S=9+45dB 38 kHz wideband sce program on screen.

ZAMBIA 11680 kHz seldom guest here in Germany fluttery S=8
of (tentat.) VoHope Zambia Africa, 0615 UT May 11, relig? pop mx.

5914.992 Always poor signals of Zambian BC, vernacular tentat.,
poor S=5 at 0441 UT noted in central FL US. Compared VoA BOT S=8 5925.

SOUTH AFRICA/MADAGASCAR Two BBC English programs at 0620 and 0635 UT:
12094.978 BBC London En WS via SenTec Meyerton relay site,
0630 UT world nx, 'new Malaysian premier minister elected',
S=7-8 here in Germany.

13580.014 BBC London English magazine feature program via
Babcock FMO organized via MGLOB Talata Volonondry outlet, S=8 at 0635 UT,
not // 12095 kHz.

USA 7504.974 WRNO in Mandarin Chinese progr, boring endless Ch sermon
at 0418 UT, S=9+15dB heard in central Florida SDR location remotedly.

7435 kHz R Marti Greenville, violine waltz dance mx sce,
at 0426 UT S=9+5dB in central Florida US state,
minor tiny scratching jamming underneath.

5829.986 WTWW En, talk scripter of struggle (?), S=9+5dB in FL, 0438 UT

5850even WRMI carried TOM BS sermon, S=7 at 0439 UT.

CUBA 5999.996 RHC Quivican TITAN site San Felipe, English px,
S=9+35dB excellent strength in remote Florida location,
BUT LOW MODULATION, talk on army, uniform, soldiers and officers,
up to 22 kHz wideband broad signal.

6030 only 7 kHz wideband scratching seen and heard, against R Marti channel,
S=9+15dB at 0452 UT.

6060.003 RHC Bauta in Spanish Rumba and other dance mx played, 1972 year
music festival, alcantora Cuba, S=9+25dB strength on remote central FL-US
site. 12 kHz wideband audio signal.

6100even came late into air // 6000 kHz, at 04.59:40 UT, low S=7 signal,
feature of army 1873 year battle. At 0502 UT nx on Pres Trump's withdraw of
Iranian / WorldWide nuclear deal, Golan hights fight rockets, ISR nuclear
bomb etc.

Both Cuban 60mb outlets in Florida had only S=6 signals at 0538 UT.
Surprisingly low level, puzzles me, heard in comparisition WWCR Nashville at
S=9+40dB level same time.

In comparision heard R Rebelde 5025 and RHC 5040 kHz both in remote Edmonton
Alberta Canada on VE6JY site at S=9+25dB on ATT antenna selction
option '20dB' switch at 0547 UT.

ETHIOPIA 7235.361 Surprisingly excellent signal from Gedja Ethiopia into
FL, VoDemocr Tigre scheduled, S=8 at 0430 UT. But wandered 10 - 20 Hertz fq
distance up-wards continously, each 5 minutes.

CANADA 6069.985 CFRX Toronto, CFRB 1010, mx program, 0458 UT on May 11,
S=8 signal in central remote Florida SDR unit.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 11)

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