Hard-Core-DX.com: TP 11 Jul Victoria version.

TP 11 Jul Victoria version.

Thursday, July 12 2018

A touch of Asia earlier, a bit of DU later

pretty darn good audio (all of it understandable by a native speaker, at least briefly):


Reasonable audio at times during the period (much of it understandable by a native speaker, though often battling w/splash or noise):

675 RNZ National, fairly readable with man in DU English, mentions of Auckland, Saturday 21st of July, seemed to be various announcements about tours of some sort. 1221-3UT

not so reasonable audio, occasional words or phrases in splash or noise could be understood by a native speaker:

the above passing through

Burbles in the splatter and noise (if lucky, language might be guessed at by cadence of talk, or parallel established by changes in talk or music)

567 jazzy saxophone solo, 1146UT, likely RNZ National?

702 woman and man talking, DU English intonation 1108UT

747 piano music poking through evil 750 splatter 1135UT, likely JOIB?

774 woman talking, Japanese intonation 1110UT

Strongish het, no or "near imaginary" audio (either undermodulated or ravaged by splatter)

972 1287 1566 seemed to be Asian;
576 603 612 756 963 1017 1098 1503 1548 seemed to be DU

best wishes,


Nick Hall-Patch
Victoria, BC