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Voice of Vietnam 9730 & 7280

Saturday, August 04 2018

Actually, I was marveling at their precision, as each new segment started within about one second of the appointed time. Not quite so good as China on 9820 â it signs off at 1100 each day. Of the usual 5+1 time beeps from China, I hear the 5, but then the xmtr is gone before the +1.

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VOV's programs are all about 27 1/2 minutes long and many times.. the frequency will roll on for an hour or two with different languages.. on the WHR Transmitter that does english spanish english spanish at 0000 utc on 7315, theres a bit of dead air at the end of the show, WHR fills with some PSA's then the next program starts... but don't expect a VOV program to go smoothly, it almost never does. I like them, but there's almost always some technical glitch. One time an english slot was german for the first 5 minutes, another time there were constant audio drop outs

On Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 5:49 PM, Arthur Delibert <radio75a3@msn.com<mailto:radio75a3@msn.com>> wrote:
Voice of Vietnam with a good signal this afternoon on 9730 kHz, and fair on parallel 7280 kHz. First noted at 2053 with male and female anncrs in French; pause in programming at 2058, then Spanish at 2100. Another pause at 2158, and then English. 7280 suffers heavy QRM from CRI Albania. (Art Delibert, N. Bethesda, MD 8/4/18)

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