Hard-Core-DX.com: Saturdays highlights - TP DX in Seattle

Saturdays highlights - TP DX in Seattle

Thursday, October 11 2018

Nick, as you can see, most measurements are many years old.

It really looks like North Korea is the one on the low side. It drifts
between 620.95-620.97 kHz and has no break between 2000-2100.

At least some Heilongjiang transmitters are on overnight, nearer nominal
and carrying non-stop muzak.

Chuck, I meant, that all carriers were 2 Hz high due to no calibration.

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Nick Hall-Patch kirjoitti 11.10.2018 klo 18:57:

Is the MW offset list at https://www.mwlist.org/mwoffset.php?khz=621
no longer accurate then Mauno?

It's pretty clear that the N. Korean is on the low side in that list.Â
For me, the first clue that it was not N. Korea that was being heard
was that the carrier on the low side was relatively weak compared to
the dominant.

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At 09:39 2018-10-11, Mauno Ritola wrote:

Hopefully the spectrogram via a South Korean remote rx comes through
via the other list. I think it is 2 Hz on the high side.

The carrier on the low side drifts quite a bit: between 620.95-.965
kHz. If it is one of the dozen Heilongjiang transmitters, it is on
24h. Acc. to WRTH they have programming until 1800.

North Korean signal quality and strength seems to vary a lot. It has
an audio defect sounding like bubble jammer, when listened to in SSB.
It seems to be on 24h. Today at 0930 the audio is very distorted.


Chuck Hutton kirjoitti 8.10.2018 klo 0:47:

In my spectrogram, it's not a bunch of discreet tones but rather a
"smeared" single tone as would be seen with a slightly unstable
carrier. It looks like the carrier suffers from jitter.

I'd attach a picture of the spectrogram but then my post would get