Hard-Core-DX.com: Alberta TPs for 11 October 2018

Alberta TPs for 11 October 2018

Friday, October 12 2018

I was away for a a few days, hence the good TP reception (and even
TA), but I'm back now, which would explain the less than inspiring
reception this morning. The good news (for the rest of you) is that I
have to be out of town again next week, so things should pick up.

567 RNZ National Wellington, NEW ZEALAND Traces of man speaking at
1334. Rather weak, but seemed // to 756

612 4QR Brisbane, AUSTRALIA Almost inaudible most of the morning, but
quite good for about a minute with ABC news at 1301

675 unID Traces of man talking at 1326. Likely NZ.

738 2NR Grafton, AUSTRALIA Traces of man talking at 1330.

747 4QS Toowoomba, AUSTRALIA Talk between two men at 1312.

756 RNZ National Auckland, NEW ZEALAND Quite weak with talk by a man at

792 4RN Brisbane, AUSTRALIA ABC news at 1304

1017 R.Tonga TONGA Talk by man in presumed Tongan at 1310. Mostly
weak, but quite good for a minute or so.

1026 4MK Mackay, AUSTRALIA Presumed the one with traces of music at 1320

1116 4BC Brisbane, AUSTRALIA Ad string at 1347.

1215 unID Traces of talk by a woman at 1305

1494 unID Weak, with man talking at 1307. Star - NZ?

Signals this morning seemed to mostly be in the mud, but every so often
one would pop up for a minute or so, only to go back into the mud just
as quickly. Seemed a bit more of a New Zealand slant today, with a few
reaching audio and good carriers on the most common NZ frequencies.


Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, AB
Perseus SDR with Wellbrook Phased Array