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Monday, December 03 2018

One afternoon with good propagation to Africa.
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9505 03Dec 1901 SUDAN (Relay) Voice of Africa in Hausa. Music and at 1902 OM talk. The signal is weak, the modulation is low, but little fading. (Jorge Freitas-B)
9730 03Dec 1920 VIETNAM Voice of Vietnam in English. Yl and Om talk. QRM from the CRI on the same frequency. The signal is weak, with moderate QRM. In recording the music is Vietnam. (Jorge Freitas-B)
5950 03Dec 1939 ETHIOPIA (Relay) V.o.Tigray Revolution in Tigrinya, Afar. Horn music from Africa. The signal is good, with some fading. (Jorge Freitas-B)
5900 03Dec 1944 GERMANY (Relay) Bible Voice in Arabic. Yl speaks, excerpts from hymns. End of transmission at 1946. The signal is weak with moderate fading. (Jorge Freitas-B)
6030 03Dec 1953 ETHIOPIA (Relay) Radio Oromiya in Afar. Om and Yl alternate in speech, local music. The signal is weak, but improving and at 1959 it is fair. (Jorge Freitas-B)
6090 03 Dec 2003 ETHIOPIA (Relay) Radio Amhara in Amharic. Om talk and at 2006 music of the Horn of Africa. The signal is fair (Jorge Freitas-B)
6110 03 Dec 2010 ETIOPIA (Relay) Radio Fana in Oromo. Om talk and local music. The signal is weak. (Jorge Freitas-B)
6180 03Dec 2017 BRAZIL RNA in Portuguese. News by Yl. The signal is good, with some fading (Jorge Freitas-B)
7570 03Dec 2026 NORTH KOREA Voice of Korea in French. Yl talks. The signal is weak. (Jorge Freitas-B)
9420 03Dec 2032 GREECE Helliniki Radiophonia in Greek. Greek music. The signal is weak with moderate fading. (Jorge Freitas-B)
9525 03Dec 2037 FRANCE (Relay) Voice of Wekt in Kurdish. Om speaks. The signal is good today. (Jorge Freitas-B)
11745 03Dec 2045 SAUDI ARABIA (relay) Al-Azm Radio in Arabic. Recitation of the Qur'an. The signal is fair. (Jorge FReitas-B)
Jorge FreitasÂLocal time -3 UTÂFeira de Santana Bahia 12Â14ÂS 38Â58ÂW -ÂBrasilTecsun PL-310ETAntenna Delta Loop 8,5 meters-
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