Hard-Core-DX.com: further TA in Victoria 1 December

further TA in Victoria 1 December

Friday, December 07 2018

I've checked 702 and 1422 several times this week
on Kiwi SDRs for any possible French talk before
0500UT, and it's almost always been Koranic
recitation. However, this evening, it was a man
and woman talking, but in Arabic.

However, the Arabic seemed to have a softer sound
than Middle Eastern, or even Egyptian, Arabic,
and could possibly be mistaken for French when it's poor quality DX.

best wishes,


At 18:35 2018-12-03, Mauno Ritola wrote:

I think Algerian local stations may and do
choose the nighttime relay network freely and
also may change it and carry also two different
networks during the night. I wonder if at 0500 it is then Chaîne 3?


Nick Hall-Patch kirjoitti 3.12.2018 klo 6:18:

Thanks for the suggestions Chuck.

On 702, the French program starts at 0500UT
apparently, so not a guideline necessarily for
earlier on. This evening, I checked a
Portuguese and a Sardinian KiwiSDR , and both
delivered Coran Radio IDs on the hour on 702,
after much recitation, also //1422.

Maybe Algeria has different programming on
weeknights, so will check again tomorrow.

1026 Tabriz has been heard here in the last
month, and was also hearing Iran on 1278 about
30 minutes later, hence the conjecture.


At 07:57 2018-12-02, Chuck Hutton wrote:
702 : I have heard 702 Algeria in French at
0500 // 1089 and others several years ago.
819: since you say it is Arabic, the question
mark next to Egypt can be removed. Iran is
Farsi and I don't think 5 kW Sudan is more than a dream.

1026: Can't say given the description.