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World Music Radio 15805 kHz

Sunday, January 06 2019

World Music Radio (WMR) commenced broadcasting on 15805 kHz on December 25th
2018 and has now been on the air daily (well almost) since then. Now today
is the final day of daily broadcasting. As from tomorrow WMR will only be on
the air on 15805 kHz Saturday and Sundays.

Broadcasting hours are 0700-2000 UTC and the power is only 0.2 kW making it
a difficult ? and irregular - catch. But the signal does get out. Right now
(08 UTC) WMR can be heard in Russia (Ural and perhaps into Siberia) and in
Southern Europe. In a couple of hours the signal can be picked up in Brazil
and around 13-16 UTC good reception has been experienced almost daily in
Eastern North America on 15805. Propagation after local sunset in Denmark is
apparently rather ?sketchy?. Only once the signal made a short skip
propagation into Ireland and Western UK. Would be interesting to learn if
the signal can be received ? anywhere ? after 16 or 17 UTC.

Reception reports are welcome to wmr@wmr.dk and will usually be QSLed within
a month.

Best 73?s

Stig Hartvig Nielsen, World Music Radio, PO Box 112, DK-8960 Randers SØ,


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