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Pacific Asian Log Updater

Wednesday, January 16 2019

Hello everyone:

I recently completed the January 2019 edition of the Pacific Asian
Log.ÂÂ This edition has many changes and updates for stations throughout
Asia and the Pacific.

The PAL has been posted on the Radioheritage website:
http://www.radioheritage.net/ The link for the PDF version is at the top
center of the site's main page.

You can also use an interactive version of the PAL by going through a
couple of the site's internal links.

The next update will be published in a couple of months.

Corrections and updates from users are always welcome and can be sent to
bportzer@comcast.net or portzerbt@gmail.com.

First issued in 2001, The PAL lists medium wave and domestic shortwave
broadcasting stations in southern and eastern Asia and the Pacific.ÂÂ It
includes about 5000 stations in over 50 countries, with frequencies,
call signs, locations, power, networks, schedules, languages, formats,
networks and other information.