Hard-Core-DX.com: (New) Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide, etc.

(New) Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide, etc.

Thursday, January 31 2019

Hi Chris,

I only wish that I had more hours to go through your
site. Interesting radio stuff of course, but your impressions of
Korea and other details of that nature are extremely worthwhile also.

I think that the write up on Asian DX targets' webstreams is still to
come is it?

Thanks for putting that up.


At 13:27 2019-01-29, Chris Kadlec wrote:

Just a note that my Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide has moved to:

http://chriskadlec.com (see the Radio menu)

I have added numerous full-length propaganda clips (AM FM SW) that I
hadn't featured before, as well as photos and more. My old page was
merely a temporary home for two years in lieu of this new page that
had been planned for that pretty much that long.

In addition to that, I have built new pages featuring all KBS local
addresses for those QSL seekers and a new/improved page for Chinese
ID vocabulary (i.e. guangbo, dianshi zong tai, zhi sheng, etc.) with
full English and pinyin translations for each clip. Both were
previously PDFs. I also have a plan to add a similar page for MBC
local addresses and update my list of Asian station streams.

For those who have interests beyond MW, you can also find all my FM
content, including my full Chinese tropo and E-skip log with 3 hours
of audio, and my new 6-hour 500 top-of-hour ID project for my 530 FM
regulars here in Michigan. And other stuff too.

Hope some of you will check it out and let me know if there are
other such resources that I may have access to that anyone would be
interested in.

-Chris Kadlec