Hard-Core-DX.com: Glenn Hauser logs February 9, 2019

Glenn Hauser logs February 9, 2019

Sunday, February 10 2019

Something`s always wrong at RHC --- and fun for us ... (gh)

re Cuba
NOTHING heard this Sunday morning of Esperanto special 6100 kHz,
NOT ON AIR Febr 10 at 0700-0730 UT time slot.

Only R Rebelde Bauta technician performing in 60 mb on
5025even S=9+30dB signal at 0712 UT.

Scratched jamming PULSES on few strings near 6135 kHz
S=9+5dB in Massachusetts SDR. 0706 UT.

USA/CUBA Scratching jamming on 5980 kHz ist stronger northerly
in MA SDR post.

Both R Marti Greenville NC were on air in 0700-0711 UT check, S=9+35dB
strength both, but 6030 kHz modulation seems with more punch.
5980 is even fq, but 6030 outlet is some 3 ... 4 Hertz less
on 6029.996 kHz - "for the accuracy of purists".

AUSTRIA But heard ORF 1st program of Vienna Austria on
6155even kHz, via ORS Moosbrunn bcast center, S=8-9 or -76dBm
on remote SDR in MA US-state, 0704 UT on Febr 10.
New tell the audience: "52,000 ski runner accidents occur annually in

NIGERIA 7254.939 Not bad signal into North America this Febr 10 morning,
VoNigeria Abuja in French by female presenter at 0716 UT, S=8 or -78dBm

Earlier this Febr 10 night, some log entries, of Rochester NY post:

6010.011 as always much weak tiny signal at S=4 level, 0110 UT. BRA ?

5999.995 CUB RHC Quivican TITAN San Felipe in English, S=9+30dB in NY.
some audio feeder distortion feeling, scratchy at 18 kHz wide.
Talk on new Mexican President government.

6185.007 MEX XEPPM R Educacion from Mexico D.F. poor tiny S=5 at 0116UT

6180even CUB CRI Quivican TITAN San Felipe in English, 0119 UT Febr 10
S=9+25dB in Rochester NY SDR.

6165even CUB RHC Bauta in English, talk on new Cuban REFERENDUM
to be held on Febr 21 ?,
new constitution of Cuba to verify, S=9+20dB at 0121 UT.

6115even USA WWCR En pastor prayer in progress, S=9+10dB at 0123 UT.

6090.003 IRN Poor muffled signal of IRIB Sirjan in Spanish to Latin
America, S=8-9 at 0127 UT. Talk on Papa Francisco journeys.
Nothing on air from Anguilla Antilles religious broadcaster this Febr 10

6049.999 EQA HCJB Quito, fair S=6 in Vernacul at 0128 UT

6029.997 USA R Marti in Sp, S=8 at 0130 UT, but mainly scratching noise
from the Cuban island on air.

6020even ALB As always S=9+5dB signal of 2 x 150 kW combined units at
CRI Cerrik relay site in Albania Europe.
For the first time some 50, 100, 150, 200 Hertz strings visible
on Perseus screen.

5960.005 D__ this dubious hard rock music station on weekend special
on air, Mighty KBC radio, hard rock, terrible audio.
'hard rock music hurts my ears'. Via MBR Nauen Germany site
S=7-8 in Rochester NY. At 0136 UT hard rock of the 60ties.

5850even USA WRMI S=7-8 signal in northern US at 0137 UT.

now heard via Cape Canaveral FL remote SDR unit:

5829.986 USA WTWW Lebanon TN, sermon prayer, S=9+25dB at 0140 UT.
10 kHz wideband signal !

5860even D__ US Radio Farda against Iran, in Persian via IBB BBG
RL/RFE Lamperheim relay site. S=7-8 backlobe at 0142 UT Febr 10

5900even BUL Brother Stair Ministry English prayer via European relay
SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site,
QSL via Spaceline Ltd., Sofia Bulgaria.
CEO Dimitar Todorov <lz1ax -at- mail.bg>
S=8 in FL at 0143 UT.

5910even ROU RRI Bucharest Romanian language sce, via Tiganeshti bc site
S=9+25dB in FL remote SDR. 0144 UT.

5930even AUT BBC London Dari service to Persia/AFG via ORS Moosbrunn
Austria relay, S=9 backlobe signal at 0145 UT on Febr 10.

5935even USA WWCR female presenter, probably University Network on air?
powerhouse in FL remote site, S=9+35dB, 11.2 kHz wideband signal
0146 UT on Febr 10.

5939.690 BRA Radio Voz Missionaria. Brasilian mx heard S=6-7 at 0148 UT.

5950.005 IRA VoIRIB Sirjan, in Tajik language, backlobe signal remaining
into North America. S=6-7 at 0150 UT.

4765even CUB Radio Progreso from Bejucal site on Cuba island, 0130-05 UT
their exciting music program noted on remote Edmonton Alberta
site in Canada, powerful S=9+25dB. 0154 UT on Febr 10.

5130.498 USA WBCQ signal weak and tiny at S=5 level or -89dBm poorly
of probably 'R NY International' likely at 0158 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 10)

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BRAZIL. 6010.016, Feb 9 at 0710, JBA carrier, probably R.
InconfidÃncia, despite Aoki/NDXC listing as in a break 06-09 (and also
listing imaginary Mexico and probably same Colombia on 6010).

CUBA. Unlike English, RHC Spanish is still making SW frequency
announcements at certain hours, which don`t always mesh with reality
--- but what do those non-SWLs know back in the studio?

11760, Feb 9 at 0000 tune-in, onesuch is in progress; missed the first
part that I will try to catch again. `...13740, 11840, 9640, 5040. A
partir de las 0000: 13740, 11670, 11840, 11950, 11700, 9640, 6000`` -
-- but NOT the very frequency I am tuned to, 11760! 11670, 11700 and
11840 are all suptorted, plus weak 11830/11850 spurs, never announced.

11950 also on, but *not* // the others because it`s the separate `Mesa
Redonda` TV soundtrack hour, // 6000 only --- something the announcer
does not comprehend by mixing those two in with the others.

BTW, this is UT Saturday, altho EiBi and NDXC/Aoki claim 00-01 6000 //
11950 are on air Tue-Fri only. Maybe the UT Sat shows are irregular, or
confusion local vs UT days? Another frequency announcement is at 0400, but
just caught it ending at 0402 on 6060.

I then resolve two mysteries others have reported!

6010, Feb 9 at 0022, two carriers, so is Colombia really reactivated
along with Brasil? I barely make out some Spanish talk so the
assumption would be Colombia --- but NO, it`s // 5990 CRI relay! Now,
I get it: 6010 is a leapfrog mixing product of 5990 over 6000 (Cuba
can make broad jumps, but LFMPs are supposedly more apt between nearby
frequencies.) This is possible only between 00 and 01 when both are on
the air (unless they forget to turn at both of them off).

The other could still be Brasil, as no other broadcaster, major or
minor is known active during this hour (DON`T YOU BELIEVE Radio Mil,
Mexico, still in Aoki/NDXC, which has been gone for many YEARS). To
confuse matters further, RHC has some Brazilian trying to speak
Spanish, i.e. Portunhol, I have also heard at other times; maybe an
unusual temporary guest.

6090: so I am checking this out too: Feb 9 at 0401, no Anguilla, but
fast SAH of about 15 Hz, talk and music mixing. Now I get it! 6090 is
another leapfrog mixing product as confirmed by // audio: 5910 CRI
relay over 6000 RHC English, another 90 kHz higher. Both must be
TitÃn-QuivicÃn site here too. Leapfrogs do not make any SAH as the
result is a single ``transmission``, which however could be off-
frequency if either fundamental be; so what else is on 6090 now?
Surely R. Amhara, ETHIOPIA. The 6090 Cuban mix could be heard anytime
between 03 and 05, the 5910 CRI hours in English, Cantonese. Checked
at 0407 for reverse leap on 5820 but nothing audible there.

NIGERIA. 7255-, Feb 9 at 0718, VON S9+20 in African language about
Sierra Leone. Re my previous report of it missing, Dan Sheedy,
California replies:

"Hi Glenn, just saw your 8 Feb 0653 non-log of VoN-7255. Oddly enough,
I was checking them out at 0623 8 Feb. & they were doing OK in Hausa,
so apparently their "doing OK" didn't last too long. Have a safe
weekend, good listening, & cheers from the beach. Dan"
This report dispatched at 1850 UT February 9
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