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9835 seems back!!

Tuesday, February 12 2019

MALAYSIA NOT on 9835 kHz on Febr 11.
Nothing heard of RTM Kajang in past days and not in previous hours,
when checked Delhi, Hanoi, Jakarta, Hiroshima nor on Seoul Korea
Perseus/KiwiSDR sites on 9835 kHz.

But RTM Wai FM program from Kajang site on 11665 kHz
heard ON AIR also in 23-24 UT slot tonight Febr UT 11.

As well as at 10-11 UT.

Easily compare by livestream
latter which is 16 second behind/late on my PC against SW 11665even kHz
Perseus unit in Hiroshima Japan access.
Excellent audio quality.

TAJIKISTAN VoTibet via Dushanbe Yangi Yul 7499even at 2315 UT Febr 11,
and from 2335 UT on 7504 kHz. S=9 in Hiroshima Japan remote installation at
2342 UT, Febr 11.
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 11)

73 wolfie df5sx

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11.2.2019 klo 12:58:

now direct my observation

MALAYSIA 11665 even frequency with RTM Wai FM program from Kajang site,
S=8-9 from poor to fair, but limited 50 kW of power only ?
-74dBm strength at 1012 UT on Febr 11.
Heard in Hiroshima Japan SDR remotedly.

and later

in my installation 13 Seconds later/behind via livestream
excellent audio quality


Nothing though on 9835 kHz which not heard at all
in past half year or so ?

73 wolfie df5sx

Was for the first time since 2018:
MALAYSIA 11665 kHz RTM Kajang, probably RTM Wai/Limbang FM,
heard with HQ morning prayer at 0453 UT on Jan 27 - 2019,
limited S=7-8 signal noted on remote SDR at Hiroshima Japan post.

For the first time RTM heard again after some months break in

transmission. But signal strength suffers a lot.

I guess they are working now in approx. low 30-50 kW class strength.
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 27, 2019)

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Now on jak kiwi sdr i have heard rtm sarawak on 9835 with good signal
while 11665 is poor.time 2308+ z listenig via tablet Once again typed in
smartphone usin only one finger !
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