Hard-Core-DX.com: Special World Radio Day QSL from AIR

Special World Radio Day QSL from AIR

Thursday, February 14 2019

Special program on World Radio Day 2019 - Radio Bridge will be Live from AIR Chennai, Tiruchi, Coimbatore, Madurai, Pondicherry and Tirunelveli at 10.00 to 11.00 am. Special e-QSL will be issued by Ardic DX Club. By the way I will also participate in that program from AIR Chennai! Donât missed it. Send your reports to ardicdxclub at yahoo dot co dot in.For hard copy qsl, send the return postage. Hardcopy reports will be get a special bookmarks, wrd stickers and certificates! For more details ping me in inbox!
ààà àààààà ààààààààà ààààà àààà àààààà àààààà ààààà àààà 10.00 ààààà 11.00 ààà ààààààà âàààààààà àààààâ ààààààààààààà ààààààà ààààààààààà. ààààà àààààà ààààààààààà ààààààà àààà àààààààààààààààà. àààà ààààààà ààààààààààààà ààààààà ààààààà àààààà àààààààà àààààà ààààààà àààà ààààà, ààààààààà, àààà àààààààà ààààààààààààààà. ààààààààààà àààààààààààà àààà àààààà (ardicdxclub at yahoo dot co dot in)àààààààààààààààààà ààààààà e-qslàà àààààà àààààà.
#WorldRadioDay #WRD #àààààààààààààà #àààààà

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