Hard-Core-DX.com: TP DX in Seattle -Ides of March edition

TP DX in Seattle -Ides of March edition

Saturday, March 16 2019

TP conditions remained quite good here today, with several Koreans
having above average appearances.

594ÂÂÂ JOAK, 1359 man in Japanese, fair w/much electrical noise

657ÂÂÂ N Korea, 1404 female singer fair

693ÂÂÂ JOAB, 1400 piano music to TOH, 3+1 pips, then start of English
lesson fair but much CBU splash

747ÂÂÂ JOIB, 1411 English lesson about a cat(?) that learned to paint
(as near as I could tell), mostly fair in 750 splash, briefly good

756ÂÂÂ CNR1, 1412 talk poor //981

774ÂÂÂ JOUB, 1415 good ending English lesson about painting and starting
one about National People's Congress in China

819ÂÂÂ N Korea, 1357, music and woman in Korean fair peaking through
KGNW splash at times

828ÂÂÂ JOBB, 1408, English lesson fair

972ÂÂÂ HLCA, 1359:40 the standard legal ID by woman, 3+1 pips then
lively music and two men with "Hanminjok Bangsong" ID, monster signal

981ÂÂÂ CNR1 1357 fair-poor w/Chinese talk in CKNW splash

1098ÂÂÂ CNR1, 1357 Chinese talk & distinctive news sounder //981 fair-poor

1116ÂÂÂ CNR-whatever 1357 male ballad to ToH then what sounded like ID
in Chinese by man & woman but not sure which network, then series of
announcements in Chinese

1134ÂÂÂ KBS, 1402, man in Korean fair & dominant, weak Japanese woman
(JOQR) in background

1278ÂÂÂ JOFR, 1356 sedate Japanese male fair

1386ÂÂÂ NHK2, 1417 bits of talk /774

1413ÂÂÂ JOIF 1406 Japanese talk sometimes surfacing through the splatter

1422ÂÂÂ JORF 1406 Japanese talk fair-poor

1467ÂÂÂ HLKN?, 1415, possibly the unid male talk not //NHK2, good
carrier but too much CJVB splash to ID the language

1557ÂÂÂ RTI-Taiwan (tentative) 1403 Chinese talk (man & woman) fair in
domestic splash

1566 HLAZ 1406 good with Chinese program

1593ÂÂÂ CNR1, bits of Chinese talk during pauses in KLFE splatter

1602ÂÂÂ NHK2, 1414 English lesson poor //774