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WBCQ Testing 9330

Saturday, May 04 2019

USA WBCQ checked in 15.50 to 16.02 UT time range this May 4th.

7490 exact even fq test, only carrier, no audio
S=7 or -93dBm in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.
S=7-8 or -86dBm in Detroit MI.
S=6 or -89dBm in Rochester NY.
S=8 or -79dBm in Hanson, MA.
Nothing heard in Cape Canaveral Florida.

9330.085 kHz TOM BS roarer sermon, at 16.02 UT, S=5-6 in Rochester NY.

73 wb df5sx

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Tweeted by Allan Weiner about an hour ago today (4 May):
"Allan Weiner
More power today for the worlds superstation. Hopefully to 500kw. Testing on
7490khz. Later this week on 9330khz. One megawatt average load for 500kw out
at average modulation. Wow. All for you the special shortwave listeners.
Support us. The last free speech radio voice. Ground."
-- Richard Langley

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