Hard-Core-DX.com: some top logs from 120519

some top logs from 120519

Wednesday, May 15 2019

Top logs:
9280 IRIB Special Program for Ramadan 1605 YL In arabic with talks as like poem with backgrond r music . 1609 with an acapella religious siging - nasyid- coninuouslty mentioning Illahi . . ID Huna Dahran by YL . S20 poor audioDeep QSB
Video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tPVRd04goHU&t=10s

6100 Afghanistan? 1528 with S7 carrier QSB2 with dari music background . signoff 1530 leaving the local QRN plus a very poor signal ONce again on 1655 with low audio with very strong fades . Backgrond station Pyongyang Pangsong with korean operas.
At 1713 another station with african talks poss hausa S20 max >>TWR Yao /eibi

7725 Zeppelin GR 1848 with S4 sgnal ,1854 for mroe than 4 minutes wit not more tan S2 signal Niceold music mixed with jazz soul and otehrs of 50s - 60s . signal was beter in Hungary SDR but less in Bukuresti!
Theanks to a group in FCB for the ID . There was not ID as far as I listened

9845 NLS via Malag 1908 with russian religious program with S7 signal and having adress many times throughout the program . Heard ther station als via one hungary SDR with S15-20

Zacharias Liangas
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