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UN-ID station

Wednesday, May 15 2019

4747.58 - Tune in at 0005 to faint music just above noise level. Could hear DJ style announcements but signal was to garbled to make out the language.Static level was extremely high and there was intermittent CODAR interference. There were several different announcers going back and forth, one Yl and a couple of OM.There seemed to be music behind the announcers.Thought I heard what sounded like Spanish but cannot be positive. Music was not distinct so no clues there. Listened for about 15 minutes but no change in conditions then left to watch the Bruins hockey game. Checked again at 0200 and signal was gone. Not sure if this is some sort of mixing product,pirate or something I may have missed that was reported earlier. Any thoughts ?

Perseus SDR
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