Hard-Core-DX.com: �tf-8?q?Radio Exterior de España and Radio Guinea �tf-8?q?out of air today Sunday

�tf-8?q?Radio Exterior de España and Radio Guinea �tf-8?q?out of air today Sunday

Sunday, May 19 2019

Nothing noted on air of REE Noblejas program today, as Manuel mentioned,
see below item.
Maybe some main power transformer problem ? storm lightning strike ?

Not REE 9690, 11670, 11940, nor 12030 kHz on air.
See 9690 kHz channel tonight, when traced 19.10 to 19.16 UT on May 19:

NIGERIA 9689.919 kHz Voice of Nigeria Abuja on clear channel on May 19,
not in English language, but in definite muslim like Holy Quran content pray
at 19.14-19.16 UT, that should be Fulfulde language instead.

S=9+20dB or -53dBm level strength here in central Europe tonight.

73 wolfie df5sx
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From: "Manuel MÃndez" Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2019 4:21 PM

Subject: [HCDX] Radio Exterior de EspaÃa and Radio Guinea out of air today

SPAIN, Radio Exterior de EspaÃa, Noblejas, out of air again today Sunday.
Checked at opening time, from 1400 to 1420 on all its frequencies (12030,
11940, 11670 and 9690)

GUINEA, Radio Guinea, Conakry, 9650, out of air today Sunday. Checked from
0600 to 1420.
Manuel MÃndez, Lugo, Spain
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